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There are two special (handicap) parking spots near the entrance to my office. Employee parking would create a ½ mile walk which by most standards is not a big deal. But when the temperature is 102° with a heat index nearing 107°, and a beast resides in the body, ½ mile suddenly becomes 162 miles and unbearable to walk. 

This afternoon when I returned from picking up lunch, both special parking spots are taken. One was occuped by a truck with a handicap placard hanging on the mirror. Good! The second spot however, was occupied by a car with no placard and no handicap plate. There were 2 people sitting in the car and a 3rd person standing next to the car. They were laughing and having a large time in that special parking spot. I drove around the lot a few times hoping it was going to be a short conversation. Not. After 20 minutes or so, they were all still there. 

I will vent and moan and complain, but I am probably one of the most non-confrontational people walking the earth. I won’t confront them. I will just be peeved and irritated. 

In the Valley there is really no enforcement of special parking. People just park wherever the hell they want. They have no regard for those of us who need that parking space. I mean, they go so far as to park on the stripes between handicap spaces if they spaces are full. And when I look at the cars in the handicap parking spaces, only about 1/3 of them have plates or placards. There are cops and parking security folks everywhere but no one does a ding dang thing about it.

Okay, I’m done with that little rant now. 

My day kicked off in a happy way. I like it when that happens. 

Many mornings I stop in at the convenience store near our house to buy a breakfast taco on my way to work. I like that I can decide what I want in my taco instead of being forced to choose from the pre-made ones. I’m allergic to eggs so breakfast tacos are hard to come by for me. Anyhow… the ladies that work in the store know me now and always have something nice to say. 

So this morning one of the ladies came around the counter, gave me a kiss on my cheek and whispered “Buenos dias mi hija” in my ear… how sweet was that? She speaks little English and I speak little Spanish… but we are learning together… one word at a time. Pretty cool! 

After getting my taco made I moved over to the line at the register… it was about 12 deep and only one cashier working… slowly working. Most people in the line were on their way to work just like me, most of us on a schedule of some sort. Lucky for me though, I don’t have an exact time to report for duty. 

Anyway, so the line is long and moving slowly… people are getting tense, shifting their weight from one foot to the other. Heavy sighing was coming from quite a few of them. (mmm morning breath coming at me from all sides) A bit of conversation could be heard… “man, this is taking so long… ”

“I don’t have time for this…”

“what is wrong with this store?”

” Where are the other cashiers?”

” this is crazy… ”

You get the drift. So tension is building… people are getting more & more agitated…when all of the sudden, I hear whistling.

 A guy standing about 4 behind me began whistling at a moderate volume…”Don’t Worry, Be Happy”… He could not have done anything more effective to stop the agitation and building anger. It was perfect! 

I left the store with a smile on my face.

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  10 Responses to “Don’t Worry Be Happy”

  1. I’m so happy to have read this today! I WISH I were always like the cheerful whistler! But I recall (painfully) being one of those who grumbled – on more than one occasion… 😮 I love to be inspired to make better choices, and to BE a better person! THANK YOU! 🙂 This just made my day!!!

    PS. I love that cheerful song! 😀
    PPS. I’m don’t take parking reserved for those who need it, but I think I’ll be more inclined to park a little farther away from now on, to save the closer ones for those who need it when the reserved spots are taken (my husband does this all the time, as I’m sure many others do). I pray this blessing comes to you when you need it in the future!!! 🙂
    Corine 😀

  2. Really great to hear about the whistling guy. I want to be that man instead of the grouch I have been lately. Thank you for your visit and comment. x

  3. I don’t have any issues with confronting someone who is clearly in the wrong. I think, if I was still walking well, I might just have parked the car behind them and started my way into the building, walking right past them. If they complained, we’d chat and I’d get back into my car so they could move on. Problem solved.

    I LOVE “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” I hope it did the trick and settled everyone’s nerves.

  4. I have a handicapped placard. I only use it if it’s been a horrible long day and I am hurting too much to walk.

    Otherwise, I leave that spot for someone who really needs it.
    You can’t call security? Since you’re part of the team?

    In Oregon, they WILL write you a ticket. To the tune of more than 300 bucks. And they should… those spots are there for a reason.

    • Much of the time I do call security. But when I do they want me to take a picture of the car… and since I have that non-confrontational thing about me, I couldn’t bring myself to take the picture with them standing there LOL I’m a wimp!

      There were many times I would park other places so the spot would be available for others on those days I felt pretty good. I learned my lesson though. There’s been more than one occasion that I would enter a store or what have you, walking fine, feeling great… by the time I was ready to head out to the car I couldn’t do it… legs failed me. So these days, especially in this horrid heat, I take advantage of the spaces when they are available.

      In Texas the fine is $350… other cities I’ve been in are good about enforcing the law… but not down here in the Valley. They do things different… very different LOL

  5. Isn’t it amazing when one small gesture changes an entire atmosphere! I, too, see the h/c parking abuse on a regular basis. Here in NJ, they’re starting a new system, so I’m hoping to see improvement.

    • I love that one act can change things so quickly. It’s amazing to see it happen… and it doesn’t happen near enough!

      When we were living in Austin, the city developed a phone app that allowed you to take a picture of a violator’s car LP showing the car parked in a handicap spot. They PD would mail them a ticket… gives a whole new meaning to mail order LOL

  6. The parking shit SUCKS the BIG Moose Caca! The stuff in the store ROCKS! LOVE when you have encounters like that…just some small thing that makes your day!!!!:)

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