Jan 202012
  • i’m dieting
  • i’m not happy
  • LOL ok that’s not true… but i sure miss a big ol fat greasy cheeseburger
  • and pizza
  • and pasta
  • and rice
  • oh my!
  • i hate the word dieting… i need to change the way i am thinking about this
  • i’m eating healthier
  • and so far it’s working… i’ve lost 6 pounds in a week… thank you Dr. Atkins
  • so if you know anything about low carb low sugar eating, well you then you know that snack type items are pretty limited
  • one of my favorite things to eat are pork rinds…. they go a long way to satisfy the crunch urges… the sort of urge you get from no chips or crackers, etc
  • the other night coach and i stopped at a store… i got a bag of rinds and a diet coke…coach got a diet dr. pepper
  • do you know that man ate a bunch of my rinds?! (i gave him all kinds of hell)
  • he could have anything he wants and he ate my rinds….
  • then i reach down to grab my diet coke… and guess what???
  • yep, he drank my diet coke… ok that one was an accident… it was dark and he grabbed the wrong bottle
  • i picked on him ha! and stopped at another store so he could go get me another drink
  • πŸ™‚ love that man… he takes my picking so well
  • went to the social security office yesterday – needed to request a new card with the name change… what a pain in the ass!
  • not getting a new card…that’s a piece of cake
  • waiting and waiting and waiting… that is a pain in the ass
  • i got to the SS office 30 minutes before they opened for business
  • when i made it in and took my number…well i was number 54
  • 2 1/2 hours…. Β sheesh! unbelievable…. but it is done
  • when i left there, i headed to the DL office to get that changed too….
  • it was just as packed… i left… and it took me 20 minutes just to get out of that parking lot…
  • a good friend is going through a really tough time right now… she has shut down her blog… i miss her…. and i hope that things get easier and better… life is precious and it is horrible to go through those devastating, mind bending times….
  • there was a donkey protest at the capital this week… donkey’s marching on the capital
  • all sorts of possible ass jokes in there somewhere
  • i’m so loving hulu these days… last night i watched the first 3 episodes of Ally McBeal… loved that show!
  • and vonda shepard… holy crap that woman can sing!
  • seems that google friend connect is going away….
  • i hope that you guys will grab the rss feed and continue reading…
  • i’m in the middle of the great hair dilemma
  • grow it out or buzz it off again…. not sure… so i wait….




Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  18 Responses to “donkeys, diets, and hair”

  1. Hey girl, just wanted to weigh in! Lmao, I crack myself up sometimes.
    A) donkeys – feral burros! Texas wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for donkeys really! A more ASSinine statement has never been made. So here’s the new plan … We wrangle the asses, load’em into a trailer, then drop them off at each protesters house so they can feed and water them as they live out their glorious last days.
    B) diet schmiet! Eating healthy is awesome. You feel better, look better. However, the greasy cheeseburger is to a reformed healthy eater as a cigarette is to a former smoker. Keep up the good work and remember every day is a do over, so if you fell short today and missed your rabbit food because of a weak cheeseburger moment, dust yourself off and start over in the morning.
    C) hair – buzz it, I can’t tell if the color is the same in both pics but I love the color of the longer hair. I wish I had the balls to do it, I think you have to be confident and content with yourself to pull it off, with a healthy dose of kiss my ass if you don’t like it. I’m a ponytail girl at heart, which should make short hair an easy transition regarding wash and wear. Oh well, maybe someday. All I can say is you go girl, rock it!
    Hope your having good days, talk atya later.

    • it has been buzzed! bzzzzzzzzzz it just really suits my quirky ways so much better… i’m sort of a weirdo like that ha! and the whole wash n wear thing is fantastic… i’m not the most girlie girl of the bunch and really not into hair-do’s, make up and all that other stuff… and i think that it can be very feminine to have such short hair…
      as for color, it’s in the brown/auburn stage right now… i play with the color quite a bit… i get bored LOL so brown, auburn, eggplant (coach hates that one), blonde… and everything in between… another benefit of super short hair – if i eff up the color, just buzz it off ha!

      the great donkey protest of 2012… i drive past the capital daily and was really looking forward to seeing the marching donkeys.. but alas, they were gone by the time i drove by… not even a drop of manure to be seen….

      thank you so much for stopping by! i just love it when you and wendell drop by and leave us some kindness and words of wisdom… means a lot to coach & i… xoxo

  2. See, was I not right? Outvoted. True the longer hair pic is not taken at the best angle, and true, it kind of looks like a mug shot. I also know your personality, and KNOW FULL DAMN WELL, you won’t be taking any “Glamour” shots to base my long hair theory on. Had you have taken the picture at the same angle as the buzz cut pic, it would have been a spectacular sexy shot. SO THERE ladies, my two cents.
    Now the important stuff for those posting above. The weight issue. Or the FAT issue. Yeah I said it. FAT FAT FAT. I have never met Sherri face to face, but based on any pictures that I have seen of her, she isn’t petite. Does that make her bad? Less a person? Not beautiful? Not sexy? Answer is easy. NO. Same goes for any of us. Paula D, you may hate it, but it’s what you are. True, we could all be more healthy. True, there may be less health issues with being skinny and not eating hamburgers and fries, but take this word of advice from a male. Before I say this, I want to say that I am a 50 year old male, over weight, balding, and a grey haired diabetic who loves life, and who likes to admire women. ALL women, but mostly the more robust, rubenesque type. I am also married to my best friend and wonderful wife Whitney, who herself doesn’t fit the definition of the typical runway model. She has the very same issues that some on here do.
    Back to my point. It’s very easy to say, but much harder to convince any woman of. You are beautiful, you are sexy, you are a wonderful person. Being over weight, large, fat or any other descriptive words that add to this problem that SO many women exhibit is only in YOUR head. I speak of this with knowledge and facts based upon many conversations with men just like myself. The vast majority of men would rather be married to, or have a life partner with, or have a girlfriend/lover that is overweight and confident in herself, than a skinny one that is a bitch and all full or herself and her appearance.
    Sure, you have the men who want to flaunt a sexy, bikini wearing, mini skirt wearing, high heel wearing woman on their arm. Those are in the minority. Trust me. Most men would rather have a nicely dressed woman such as Sherri or Whitney on their arm. Someone to talk to, someone who socializes with others with her brain and personality, not with her boobs or ass.
    Ok, I’ve said enough. Just my two cents. Thanks Sherri for letting me vent about this. Delete it if you want to.

    • Oh Wendell my friend! I will NEVER delete a comment…. this is just exactly what we need to hear… the rubenesque women of the world need to hear that men appreciate us, love us, and find us attractive.

      The media has drilled into our lovely bonnets that we must be thin… we must. Otherwise, we are not going to be loved or admired or thought well of. In my logical mind I know that this is not true. I know that I am a good person, very lovable, and not hard on the eyes.

      Thank you so much for “venting” here… you are a gem! And Whitney – she is one beautiful woman!


      • I think this came from Judy, one of your commenters over at “Peace Be With You”
        I love her poems by the way! The last line fits so well. “That I look so good from now on will be worn with a badge of honor”

        β€œBut you look so good.”
        Thank goodness for that at least.
        My looks can still lie.

        Okay, so I know.
        Inside I feel maimed and worn,
        hardly spry and fit.

        That I look so good
        from now on will be worn as
        a badge of honor.

  3. i love the buzz! Sherri, ya know i love ya, but that long hair photo looks like a mug shot, ‘tude and all. I am wild to have a buzz cut (I would I’d add some koolaid tips in lavendar (reiki color) myself) but i do not have straight hair and that has been my hair misfortune.
    as for diets, I give up. i need to loose 50+ lbs. and nothing works. i eat healthy, drink h20 with only the random cannoli. i am doomed to be fat. truth is, i hate it.
    But you are so active you will develop the eat good habit – 21 days is what it takes to change a habit. Sending u lots of encouragement.
    going to sleep now with my huge bottle of water.
    sweet dreams.

    • Paula!! oh how i love the buzz cut… and how i have longed for the curly mane! i see such beautiful women with super curly, super short hair… and i love it!

      kool aid tips may or may not be on my list of things to do for football season… i’m thinking the school colors would be nice (shhhh don’t tell coach)

      as for dieting… i gave up on it the day i got sick… am i sick? i choose not to think so… more of a disorder… anyway, i have been comfort eating for a year now…. prior to the dreaded diagnosis, i was doing so well losing weight… i had accomplished a 25 +/- drop in fatness… alas, it has returned. bummer. so i’m done comfort eating now and back on the path to eating a little healthier…. 21 days… eek… only 16 more to go to a new habit

      i love you woman!

      (oh that pic of long hair… awful one… couldn’t find anything much better that was close to the current age ha! and yes, i think it looks like a mugshot as well haha)

  4. I added you via email πŸ™‚

  5. Responses:pork rind sounds good — I do fruits and nuts
    I’m still getting you on Google reader, but I’ll find you if you suddenly disappear!
    I vote for long hair — as I sit here with a do that resembles a little boy!

  6. My only requirement with hair cuts is that they be wash and wear. No product required.

    I like both cuts – but the buzz is spectacular. Whichever you like.

  7. So far I have not lost you. And don’t get me started on google making changes that mess up an already fine working machine.

  8. I think you look good with both hair styles. I say do what makes you feel happiest when you look in the mirror our out on the town! πŸ˜‰
    Corine πŸ˜€

    • PS. I like raw nuts to snack on. Yes they have fat, but it is good necessary fat and you do end up eating less of other things because you are less hungry – plus they are very high in protein. πŸ™‚ I also like to snack on carrots and celery, and apples dipped in peanut butter. (I love nuts! πŸ™‚ Good luck with the “healthy eating!” πŸ˜€

  9. Longer = beautiful.
    But hey, I’m a guy and you knew I would say that. Keep up the good work on the diet. We started eating better on January 1. On January 2 we started eating like we always have.
    And….you have beautiful eyes.
    I’m such a flirt, but hey, you knew that already also!

    • i have found that most men prefer long hair on their women… why is that? something to grab on to during those, um, robust times? i must admit – i like a man in long hair too… something quite sexy about it…

      i’ve done well with the eating better but i’m sure hating it… i keep hoping that i’ll start enjoying it soon… but when coach calls to tell me he’s stopping at taco bell… shit… i want some of that crap and i don’t even like taco bell haha

      you’re making me blush over here….

      • Actually, I like the way both hair styles look on you. But knowing a little bit of your personality, I say go with the buzz cut – It suits you.

        Good luck with sticking with the healthy eating. On The Biggest Loser, the women are usually quite happy with a six pound loss in a week. So, Congratulations! (pork rinds? really???) (also, instead of diet anything, try getting used to drinking filtered water – NOT botttled water; get a Brita filter thingy that you can refill.)

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