Mar 182012

back to work tomorrow…. ye old spring break is now a thing of the past for this year…. i could use another! i didn’t get much “vacation” type activity in during the break… of course the first several days were spent hurting and sickly from the IV treatment… that is one jacked-up experience…. i was under the impression that it was supposed to make one feel better, not create the need to prepare for a surprise party for the grim reaper! … okay, maybe a slight exaggeration… but not much ha!

we spent wednesday and thursday in brenham… i was teaching tcic/ncic, which i enjoy doing and a little extra pocket change never hurts…. coach hung out with me grading papers and cruising the internet… my class was held in the EOC of the brenham fire department… i like those guys… and i miss working with many of them

friday was jammie day… i didn’t even get dressed all day long… i needed that… the swelling in my legs was absurd by friday… i think i had +25 pitting edema (another slight exaggeration maybe) and cankles…. my word! at least the pain in my butt and lower back had subsided considerably by this point… no more corrugated ass cheeks

saturday we had a football team meeting…. i did some of the player photos… maybe 1/2 the team showed up with their jerseys… guess the other guys are just SOL…. such is life

today was another jammie day… well until about 4 anyhow…. we went to feed the horse and such… now laundry is washing, coach is cooking dinner and i’m smiling… except when i remember that i have to go to bed in 2 hours so i can survive the day tomorrow… bleh

oh! and i signed up to work for… way cool! i’m a vetter…. if you aren’t familiar with the site, go check it out… it’s like a human search engine thing… people can text in questions, or call them in, and they are answered via text by a live person who did the bit o research to come up with the answer… and the best part? there is pay involved! woot! albeit, it ain’t much but it’s something… once again, pocket change….

so if you have a burning question… if you guys are sitting around arguing about some sport thing, or where the green river tradition comes from on st. pat’s day… or any ol thing that comes to mind, just send in a text message to 242242 and you’ll get an answer… maybe even from me!

so i ended the daylight hours with a few photos … i know everyone has done railroad tracks… but i never have… not sure why but just never did it before…. so here’s my contribution to one of the most common photo themes ever….

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. Ahhhh, jammie days! A MUST, especially if you are trying to work….I painted and worked in my flea market booths and my feet are soooooo puffy and the nerve pain is CRAZY weird. I have to stay home tom. no other option!!!!!I love your railroad pics a calm and probably some of the neatest shots i’ve seen, keep em comin. Heres to jammies and still movin and groovin. Peace and love to you my dear friend.

  2. Days spent nurturing yourself are never wasted. We tend to call them Mental Health Days here, but Jammie Days are better. They should involve treat food too.

    Loved your take on railroads. It is something I have never done either.

    Cyber hugs.

    • ah yes, mental health days… we used to have those in my other job…

      i ate so much comfort food over the past few days! oh my! i’m paying for it now… ugh

      i had razzleberry peace teas, rice krispie treats, cheeseburgers with fries, more snickers bars than i care to count, donuts, sausage kolaches, pizza…. eek!

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