Jul 292011

I’m sorta pissed off right now…. not bad…just sorta… so I’m going to take this opportunity to bitch a little bit…

you don’t mind do you?

of course not! after all this is the place for me to do that…. my spot…. so here we go

so I’m feeling like doggie doo the past  month or so… nothing horrid or debilitating or life-changing… okay, life-changing it is… fuckin MS again….

but mostly I have this subtle, just under the skin crappy feeling… I’m off kilter… taking into account what my “new normal” is, my off kilter is pretty dramatic from what I would call feeling good… because you know, the definition of feeling “good” or “fine” has been altered significantly over the past year….

I can’t believe it’s been about a year since my eye-opening flare, the one causing me to seek help and figure out what’s really going on… once and for all…

anyway, back to me being sorta pissed….

this not feeing so hot has so much to do with being hot… not in a “I’m sexy, look at me” hot way but  more of a “I’m sweatin like pig and smell like one too” hot way

and the thing that is sending me over the edge is that my employer is in financial distress (aren’t we all?) and decided that one way to save some money was to close up shop every Friday in July… as well as one full week the first of July which was a forced vacation… this is the first thing that pissed me off… I am sick, and I don’t know when it’s going to get worse… or when I might really need the time I’ve earned… and they are forcing me to use it… then I find out….

THERE WERE LOADS OF PEOPLE WORKING THAT WEEK! what the fuck… what happened to FORCED vacation… SAVING MONEY to help?



on Friday’s I mentioned that we are closed…this means we have been working 10 hour days 4 days a week, ending with a 3 day weekend… cool right? when I was healthy, this was the sort of work schedule I longed for….

but now

it has beat me up

it has made me feel like doggie poo



I’m wondering how much savings was actually realized from this forced schedule…. while I sit her feeling like doggie poo with very little personal time off left on the books….


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  9 Responses to “doggie poo”

  1. (((HUGS!!))) Sherri! I am so sorry! In this economy, everything stinks, on ice. I hope that this four day thing ends soon.

  2. OMG BASTARDS!!!!! I hate to hear that !! I know how hard those damn four tens have been on you. And the forced vaca thing, they do that to us here too, the week of fourth of july. Yay, thanks assholes. Just when I want to spend my vacation time, when it’s o blistering hot outside I end up spending the whole damn vaca stuck inside doing nothing. Thanks for that. But you need that time to use when you don’t feel well!!


  3. I’m sorry to hear about how poo-rific things have been for you. They are definitely bastards.

  4. Sherri – Are you “out” at work with your boss about your MS? Even as I ask that I realize it’s radically different for everyone depending on lots of factors at work. That despite ADA, it’s often detrimental to be out. Anyway, just wondering.

    I’ve heard of a week off without pay to save money but not requiring employees to use their time off for it! Anyway, sorry for the disparity in treatment.

    • Hi Donna,

      I am “out” at work… when my big relapse hit last summer it was very difficult to hide what was going on… and even now I spend so much time on my feet, walking, in the heat – and find it necessary to use a cane much of the time. And then the handicap plates on the ol car are a giveaway….

      I work for the state so they are super careful about violating ADA and on top of that, I happen to be an ADA instructor for the Dept. of Justice… and they are aware of that LOL

      This whole thing with forced time off really bites…. I can’t find any loophole… only ones protected are those working on contract…and that’s not me….

      Will do my best to stay healthy and show up to work even on the bad days…. bleh

  5. that so sucks! Is it even legal. If other people are working how can you be forced to take vacation time. Don’t you just wish that the world would just stop for a day or two so you can catch up? Or everone and everything time freeze except you so you can rearrange things in your favor?

  6. That’s it. Get it all out!

  7. ah yes. feeling like crap. shit. doggie do. That just under the skin…with a side of brain fog…I hate it. Sometimes it is really hard to smile through the shit.

  8. I swear that while I was still working one of my bosses believed that MS stood for messy shoes. Perhaps he thought I had stepped in your doggie doo. Such consideration. And yes, working like the clappers sucks when you don’t bounce back as well (at all). MS sucks. Better than any vacuum I have ever owned.

    I am a firm believer in give us this day our daily whinge. So, if that is what you need to do, go for it.

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