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i wasn’t going to weigh in… i really really wasn’t… it’s always such a controversial thing to give opinions on matters that are so sensitive… we live in such a touchy little world anymore… expressing opinions can gain friends and make enemies… a person can really burn themselves by letting others know what their personal thoughts might be on some topics….

that being said, i’m an idiot and going to do it anyway…. imagine that


Trayvon Martin (yeah, i’m going there)…..

in this case, it’s not about race… not about black, white, hispanic… it’s about right and wrong… did the shooter have the right to shoot the kid? was the kid doing anything wrong? or was the shooter doing something wrong? i hate these stories in the media because we, the public, NEVER get the whole story truthfully… it’s all about media hype and making money.. it’s about politics and who’s agenda they are trying to push…. the proverbial “they” take a really really bad situation and use it keep “us” all stirred up and emotional in order to persuade our thinking one way or another…and “we” keep buying it… “we” keep paying for the papers and the dish and the magazines that sell us the lies….  had he just listened and stopped following the kid, stopped haranguing the kid… this could have ended in a much better way…. so so sad

so many folks are making it about race…. it’s about one guy shooting another guy… it’s about making judgements based on someone’s clothing… and most do it… yes… sometimes it’s hard not to…. but because someone is wearing a sweatshirt with the hood pulled over his/her head, well, this does NOT make them a criminal… i wear my hoodie all the time – with the hood on my head!

a boy is dead… a family is suffering… friends are grieving… it is a huge loss to many…

and man is having to deal with public scrutiny, death threats, judgements, and the death of another is on his shoulders….can’t be easy

keeping in mind that there are two distinct sides to this story, we will never hear those sides in their completeness… never…

and by making judgements based on what the media is putting out there we are not any better than those who mette out vigilante justice….

ok i’m done now…


how are your mornings? mine are slow going… confusion is settled into the brain… they eyes don’t work right… takes me a while to become a thinking and active human…. i can fully see this happening to me:

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. Yes, I jusdge, just as we all do. As to there being 2 sides to a story, you are wrong. There are actually 3 sides to a story. “Your side”, “my side”, and what really happened. We will probably never know what really happened in this incident. In fact, we are actaully working with only one side of the story.

    You and my hubby agree that we dont know all that the police already know about what happened. They release only as much as they feel they have to until their investiagation is over. And then they may never release all they know. Such is the nature of the beast. 😉

  2. i think you make some interesting points. i think the man who shot the boy has some serious issues and that he was *motivated* by race but i don’t think that’s the only issue here. i think too many people are focusing on the man and the boy instead of the law that is allowing for this crime to go unpunished. the laws in florida that say you can stand your ground as well as a very broad self defense law allows for the killing of people without much investigation. the guy who killed the young kid gets the benefit of a law that does not serve the people equally. the dead get screwed over while the living scream self defense without check. perhaps that is what more people should be up in arms about. but nope, they’re concentrating on one part of the issue instead of grabbing the bulls by the horn to change that law!!!

    but i also think what you say is dead on, the media manipulates people and keeps them up in arms. they do it not just with race but with most social issues. and like you said, people feed right into it. i think they feed into it for a few reasons. some people need someone else to blame their problems on. some people need a distraction from their own problems, so they go head first into any issue that comes up.

    “the proverbial “they” take a really really bad situation and use it keep “us” all stirred up and emotional in order to persuade our thinking one way or another…and “we” keep buying it…”

    yup, yup, yup!!! i so agree.

    Lastly, I think the killer ALLOWED his heart to become weakened by anger, resentment and hatred so that he began searching for someone to take his frustrations out on. When he went out that night, like other nights, he was looking for trouble. He was armed and looking for a problem. Instead of finding one he created one. But we have to go back to the root cause: he ALLOWED his heart to become hardened, bitter and dark. He is the perfect example of why we have got to heal old wounds, change negative views and forgive whenever humanly possible. This way we can safeguard our hearts, if not we end up a bitter person who behaves in bitter ways.


    • i think you are right faith…. the neighborhood watch guy was out looking for trouble… problems… he wasn’t cruising the neighborhood just keeping an eye on things for folks… he was actively seeking a problem… maybe not… but it sure fits the character portrayal that has been put out about him… i sure hope he wasn’t so angry or living in such fear & hatred that he would this awful thing for those reasons only…

      who knows if they will ever tell us the whole story…i doubt it… i think there is more to the kid and more to the man as well… it’s one of those confrontational situations that we all hope we will never be in…. hatred and judgements and deadly snap decisions…

  3. The points you make are all valid, and like you, I want ALL the facts before I take a stand. But I have to add: I am anti-gun.
    That video was too much! Just the giggle I needed!

    • i hate guns… they scare me…. and people with guns scare me… but since that is the society i live in here in texas, well, i’ve sort of gotten used to it and made my own personal adjustments… i go out of my way to not trespass, even turning around in someone’s driveway… shame…

      i can so see something like that video happening to me! well, maybe not a full on dump truck running through my house… but hearing some sound thinking it’s my alarm and it’s something completely different… like maybe the fire alarm or something haha

  4. Dayam, I nearly choked on my coffee over that alarm video. I have been known to try to find the snooze bar on my clock – Thank God my bedroom is protected by a small rockery and about 22 feet from the street.

    Also, I do judge.
    First, the neighborhood watch guy, Zimmerman, I believe is to carry a walkie-talkie with him and not a gun (unless he has a concealed weapon permit; that’s his right.) Up here they are to call their dispatcher who will call the police with location.
    Second, they are not to approach “suspicious characters;” that is for the police to do. They are to stay and watch from a reasonable distance, possibly from their car.
    Third, I think Zimmerman had 50 incidents reported over the past year… Is that a lot? I don’t know. Many, if not most of them, concerned black people. Just sayin’. Fourth, he had at least 100 pounds on this kid. What was happening that was so “suspicious” that warranted pulling his weapon. The hoodie? Come on. It was night, he has short hair, it was cold. Fifth, how did he hit his head and break his nose? was he pummeled by a lightweight teenager with a bag of Skittles? Questions unanswered.
    THEN, he goes into hiding. Well, I guess I would too, if I were in his situation. Finally, the MEDIA – assholes. Let them raise their ratings with minimal information, then after the next bad thing happens … just no follow up, except a seven second blurb buried in a newscast. That’s my five cents worth.

    • you are asking all the same questions i have webster….

      and the neighborhood watch folks are not supposed to approach or make contact… they are supposed to contact the police… which he did, and the dispatcher told him to back off….

      there are many things that the press has put out there that only creates questions, ambiguities, and community tension with this case… it’ll be interesting to see what the final outcome of all this is

  5. we still don’t have all the facts….more to come out that may exhonorate the shooter

    • that is very true… i hate to see people making judgements one way or the other without having all the information, which we will most likely never have… this is what causes so much social unrest… riots, civil disobedience…

  6. I do judge. We all do. It is built into to keep us safe. However, with the advent of all things media we have “learned” a new way to judge based not on safety (a busy intersection, a growling dog, a dark alley, an irate person etc.) but on other issues like race, religion, sexual preference. I think the only way to avoid it is to avoid it. Turn off the TV, don’t read trashy magazines but read and listen to different view points.

    • it is very hard not to judge…. what’s that old saying? looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck… must be a duck

  7. I don’t know much about the story really, but I would have to say…fists versus a gun…unfair fight. We don’t see a lot of these types of incidents in Canada, because we don’t the right to bear arms, which is in my opinion, a good thing.

    And, mornings are not my forte…

    • there are so many guns out there anymore…. problem is that if they ban guns, the bad guys will still have them and be able to get them… i don’t know that there are any easy answers out there…. i think it comes down to morals…. the moral compass is WAY off these days…

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