Nov 072012

This morning I wake up to find that there are still so many evil words being slung from left to right. How many times must I read the word idiot? Because a person has a different set of beliefs does not, in any way, make that person an idiot, a racist, a homophobe, or any of the other names being called. It makes me sick.

The big talk has been about how divided this country is. That isn’t going to change. The sad thing is that about 90% of the division is being thrown left to right. Gloating abounds.

I’m praying that we the people can find a way to come together and make this country a better place. It appears to me that things are worse now than they were yesterday, even after the victor has been declared.

My guy didn’t win, it’s the way things go but why is there such a need to make me feel as if I’m a buffoon for having an opinion? Isn’t that what being a part of this country is about? I feel persecuted for having an opinion. I feel looked down upon because I’m a fool, an idiot. This isn’t right. Where is the class? Where is the “love one another” concept? It’s escaping me this morning. I haven’t seen it yet. Marriages & friendships have been destroyed over this election. That is wrong in so many ways.

The evil hatred astounds me. Simply astounds me. I was not a huge voice in the public world prior to this election. I keep my views to myself. But I simply cannot stand the hatred that is being spewed. It makes my stomach turn and my heart break.

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. Respect. We here people complaining that they have been ‘dissed’, but we see very little respect. My views may not be yours – but that doesn’t make either of us idiots. Similarly, if I agree with you – it doesn’t make us twice as right. Opinions are important to me, but so is respect and good manners.

  2. Well, I didn’t vote for either candidate! 😉

    In the end it is more important that we vote. Women had to work very hard to have the right that many women can’t be bothered to take advantage of.

    The only way we will ever changed the world is if we listen to each other and make compromises. I believe that is the secret and hope for a better future.

  3. my comment is too long to leave here. i put it on my blog okay. the link is to the entry/comment

  4. I meant thanks.

  5. Thank for being a friend and, by voting, for exercising the high privilege of citizenship in our country.

  6. Your post bolsters mine from yesterday. I see this kind of thing all the time on Facebook, and it upsets me to no end! You and I voted for different people, but that’s our right and privilege! We don’t HAVE to agree in order to keep our bloggy friendship. I respect your opinion, as I’m sure you do the same in return. Now if we could only get others to do the same!

    • It’s so crazy Muff! It really is. I understand that we all get passionate about things but when people start degrading each other over opinions, well, it’s just makes me sick. The really fabulous thing about the human mind is the ability to think and form opinions. It just scares me to my core that there is so much division. I hope people can recover from this, I hope as a nation we can recover from this. I can’t remember ever seeing anything like this, unless you want to consider Rodney King, Moody Park, or events like that. I’m afraid of civil unrest. The words that are spewing and erupting from those that are so passionate really frighten me.

      I’m glad that I have a diverse group of friends. I don’t want to be part of a group of minions that think like robots. I want to know the opinions and values of others because that is what keeps my eyes open and causes me to examine things.

      Thank you for being my bloggy friend. I value you very much!

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