Jun 122012

i’ve been here for 4 days now and i’ve yet to figure out where to start. i have no routine and feel very discombuberated. for the first time since 1981, i have no job and i’m not sure what to do with that. i must admit that i am enjoying being home, cooking dinner each day, and doing all those things that go with “keeping house”. it’s not something i’ve ever had a chance to do before in my life.

but i have found that there is a great deal of guilt that comes along with that. lots of it. i’m scared that coach will resent that i’m not working. i know that’s a stupid thought but it’s there anyway.

i do have a plan. in the meantime, i’m recovering, napping, cooking, and staying cool. the move was not kind to the beast. i think every single symptom i live with has increased 1,000%… i know it will calm down with some good rest.

and to make things even more interesting – wouldn’t you know that as soon as we move to the valley a heat wave would descend upon us… heat indexes near 111 for the past few days… they predict it will cool off to a chilly 97 by the weekend.

here are some photos from our journey… i’ll write about some of it in the next day or so…


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Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. It sounds to me like the beast is trying to tell you that right now rest is not a luxury or being lazy. Rest and recovery are a Necessity.

  2. Holy crap that is hot! I get all of this…this was the year my daughter starts kindergarten, I planned to go back to work so my husband could make a career change and get out of the restaurant business. Instead, he is taking a job with more hours and more pay. I feel so damn guilty. It stinks. I cannot stand or sit for very long. I am thankful to be walking, I take care of the kids 24/7 without much of a break, I clean the house and take care of the bills, yard, etc…I know I should feel proud that I can still do all of this, and I am. Right now, I am meditating on being pleased with the present. It makes my day better. I still am kicking around the idea of returning to work, but deep down, I am pretty sure that if I do, I will crash. I am trying to pace myself, my feet are in such delicate shape, I sense that if I care for them, I will be able to keep them working for longer. My husband works alot and someone has to raise the kids and deal with the home….so, Sherry, I get this whole post…love you girl! Keep drawing and writing!!!

  3. Brilliant photos. I think for the moment, rest, rest and a bit more rest is about the only thing you HAVE to do.

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