May 052014

The past few days have been tough ones. The beast is demanding some attention. I really don’t like that. Giving in is so hard to do. I haven’t had much choice recently though. I fall asleep… totally asleep. With no warning. In the middle of a conversation… changing clothes… whatever else I’m doing, I just fall asleep. That can get sorta scary, for instance, if I were driving. Ugh.Tomorrow I’m leaving on a trip. On a plane. In another state. I’m a bit nervous about it. I know things will be fine in the end. But I know what it’s going to do to me. The airports… they are the worst part of traveling. Standing in line for the TSA stuff. Walking from Gate X to Gate Y for the connecting flight. Awful.

I am however, looking forward to the purpose of the trip. A  conference. I get such great and valuable information at these things.

Work is good as usual.

And I think I’ll end this here. My brain isn’t connecting many dots right now and I feel as if I’m just a bucket of grief and complaints. LOL!

I most certainly will have more fun stuff to write about in a few days once I return from my trip to the Magic Kingdom – oh, I failed to mention – my trip is to a conference being held at the Magic Kingdom! I don’t see myself hanging with Mickey but I fully intend to visit Epcot.

Hot Girl

Hot Girl



Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  2 Responses to “Discombuberated Again”

  1. You are awesome as always…

  2. Look after yourself – and take care.
    MS brain is very sucky. MS fatigue is even more sucky.

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