Jan 182011

>some days it can be exceptionally hard to deal with facing a life-long illness that most likely is leading to permanent disability…  i find that sometimes a pity party is in order… then i feel like an idiot for feeling pity…

i think about how much worse things could be…. the old saying “things could always be worse”… yeah yeah… logically that works… but not always emotionally… easy to say hard to live….

i am reading in my text tonight…. and i’ve read this before but it has never carried so much weight with me as it does this day…

are you ready? i found it to be pretty enlightening….

we can never control all the events of our lives, but we can control our attitude toward them. if we regard what happens to us as intended for our detachment from samsaric (the eternal cycle of birth, suffering, death, and rebirth) things, intended for our attachment to God, all things will become profitable.

so if you take the literal translation of samsaric out of the statement… replace it with just the word suffering… makes a bit of sense doesn’t it…?  and the word profitable – in this sense i don’t think it means actual profit in the sense of money… i think we will become more profitable in the spiritual sense…

i had a conversation with an acquaintence a few days ago… she recently had surgery for uterine cancer… they got it all… and her co-worker was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer….

the conversation between the three of us was interesting… we all three found that we are much closer to God… i have always been a believer…. always… but i guess sometimes we need a reminder to give our lives to Him? i’m not sure if that’s what i’m trying to say… it’s just this feeling in my soul… there is more peace in some ways…. i don’t know… i can’t find the right words to explain all this….

i just really liked that statement…. detachment from the suffering brings us closer to God… so true…

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