Sep 152010

Over in the blog frog community, someone posted a discussion called “Define Your Blog”
As I was responding to the discussion thread, it dawned on me that I could use this as a post LOL (since I’m stopped up).

I don’t know what my blog is about.

Mostly it’s about whatever comes into my mind, whatever topic is hovering around in there…. I have been telling my story lately… it’s been fun and cathartic.

I’m on the downside of my 40’s, a granny, a strong woman, sarcastic and dry about life generally. When I started all of this I had no idea I would gain readers and followers. That has been an added benefit.
I started my blog as a journal… I have always journaled by hand…and I have grown to like doing it electronically.

I think I’m getting better at using my blog creatively. I’m also learning more about myself. If I just kind of let the words flow, my thoughts take me places that I didn’t know I would go. I’ve read about people who spend many hours on a post before putting it out there. Me? Not so much. I sit down with my computer and start typing. I spell check and grammar check it. Then I read it over to make sure it’s not too confusing, then I hit publish.

So my blog truly is the mess in my mind. It’s a stream of consciousness so to speak. I just let it come out through my fingers and see what happens. I wish I could do that with other art forms…but I suck. ha
Another benefit to this electronic journal is that I have found some wonderful people out there in the electronic world! I have learned things, shared things, expanded my ideas about things…. I have joined artistic journeys (even though I suck) and become involved in  other things that challenge who I think I am… I like that. Keeps me growing.

Speaking of keeping me growing, this use of words and all the challenge is keeping distance between me and the friend of the elderly, Alzheimer’s! Yes I know… I’m only in my LATE 40’s…but man, it’s something that I find myself thinking more about each day. With each new creak or ache, each new hair in an unusual spot, each new liver spot (why liver?) … I worry about my mind. My body could go and I would be fine just as long as my mind stays good. I could live without all the rest of it….just let me keep my mind!

See? a rambling little post about nothing really… that’s what happens….

Happy Wednesday!

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  4 Responses to “Define Your blog”

  1. I was just thinking about this today, too. I have no freaking idea what my blog is about…
    I tried to “narrow it down” and “define” it and then gave up.

    I like random.

    • i’m claustrophobic… i hate confined spaces… rambling and random suits me just fine …
      and i’ve figured out that i don’t want to be in a niche or a specialty… i like random too SDM

  2. Oh. Our blogs are suppose to have a definition?
    Hmm..I may have to find a better title for mine then..something like, “changes her mind on a dime or sumthin’!”
    “Babbles endlessly”?

    I like you title but you already took it 😛
    Have a good day..I think I finally got on Twitter!!

    • LOL Tina, I didn’t know there should be a definition either! I started this all out quite by accident and now here I am… and I don’t think I want a niche or a definition… I like the wide open freedom of being without ha!

      Yea for twitter!!

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