Sep 232011

so i walked into my office this morning… ready to put in a hard days work – just like every other day…. have my razzleberry peace tea and my uber delectable breakfast taco (hasbrowns, refried beans, crumbled bacon, sausage bits, and cheese mmmm) in my hand… as i get the door open and head to the alarm panel i about tripped and busted my ass…. on this:

mannequin dead body

holy moly!

ok so i’m being a bit overly dramatic (like you didn’t expect that when you read the title)

see this is the REAL story….

my office is huge… it’s a double wide portable… trailer trash! ha!  i share my space with a sergeant dave and k-9 pick with his sidekick buddy… they are great…. so anyway, the office side of our double wide has our desks and one extra workstation for report writing should a patrol unit or somebody need somewhere to do some writing (or cruise the internet) ….

the other side of the double wide i have set up for training… there are 3 sets of long tables for “students”… and 2 other desks with workstations… we are pre-pared!

ok so what had happened was … for real this time…. i walk into my office, carrying the breakfast burrito and razzleberry peace tea, almost trip over the dead body getting to the alarm pad so the cops don’t come for a intruder alarm… as i disarm the alarm i turn to check out said dead body and to my su-prise i see that not only is there a dead body on the floor, there are large quantities of stuff laid out all pretty and OCDish on my long tables….. holy crap! i’m in possession of a HUGE AMOUNT OF STOLEN PROPERTY!

so i did the right thing… i called the cops and gave myself up 🙂

k-9 pick and buddy stopped by for a bit and did some drug dog training stuff…. this little guy is just too cute…. i would never have nailed him as a cop (the dog, not the tall guy.. he’s got a uniform that says police on it & that sort of gives it away) 

buddy workin it

buddy workin it

and when he does good and finds the shit…. he gets to play – with an actual toy…. (they don’t get to do that much… it’s used as reward for a job well done) (oh, and they get no SNACKS either! that kills me… can’t share my breakfast burrito bacon or even doggie bones with him)

good job buddy

job well done

p.s. guess where we are going in a few weeks?

mmm hmmm get to go see my main man! woot! ok wait, coach is my MAIN man… but Willie ….. he’s my other main man …. coach is alright with it… i promise

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  4 Responses to “dead bodies and other junk”

  1. jeez, i need to move to TX, life sure as hell is not boring there.
    look, i’ve read this post 4 times, did you hear me say 4 times.
    so here’s a dead body on the floor and. . . .
    what am i missing? the sweet pooch got more play than the stiff.
    how often do you stumble over dead bodies at work?
    what was all that loot on the table?
    Are we playing Clue?
    So it wasn’t really the butler in the library?
    Again I ask, what am I missing?
    Is this an story in parts.

    • there was a burglary…. and this dead body is actually a mannequin from a health technology course… but when i first walked into my office i was so completely startled… probably because they had it all laid out and covered up like a dead body LOL

      the loot was all kinds of things… computers, clothes, shoes, wallets, keys, golf clubs… all sorts of things! amazing what people will steal and think they can cluck off for some loot

  2. I thought all along now I was “The Main Man”, pffft.

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