Aug 112011

my daybook journal junk

i haven’t done one of these in a looooong time… i think maybe it’s time to start it up again… as simple as these prompts are, i must admit that it really causes me to stop and think about things that i take for granted most days….feel free to rip it off and do the same… afterall, i ripped it off too 

Outside my window– it’s a freakin dust bowl most especially since i have stopped watering my yard o weeds in lieu of watering the tin can…my physical comfort is much more important than the poor dying clover and native texas crap that is was growing out there

I am thinking– that it’s time for this weather pattern to shift already… it almost rained today… but not quite… the sky bulked all up with the most amazingly beautiful gray fluffy clouds… from down here they look so heavy and full… WTF… no rain… not a single friggin drop

I am thankful for– air conditioning, arnold palmer’s, cooling neck wraps, and ice…. i know… that’s all pithy crap (crap that is full of meaning lol) … but it is all saving my life! ever had an arnold palmer? not the man arnold palmer… the drink… yum… good shit…

I am wearing – oh wouldn’t you like to know! haha  ok… i’m not wearing anything that is all that exciting… fat lady stretchy waist shorts that come down to my knees all in an effort to conceal the 46 year old thighs of un-steel… and the stretchy waist is a must… how in the world did i ever wear tight ass blue jeans and shorts all the time? man… on the top, a purple Titan shirt… as in Titan powerlifting gear.. imagine that

I am creating – world peace. yep. pffft… i’m not creating anything right now except maybe this post.. that counts right? in a bit i may draw some more… i’m going to create an 8×10 picture with the word “grace” buried in it… and then i’m going to do a couple of 5×7’s for a friend with her kiddo’s names … i still can’t believe that my drawing is good enough for folks to want one….

I am going – to hell if i don’t change my ways! not really… i’m a pretty good girl, a decent person.. where am i going… to brenham… job #2… extra income… kills me but i have to do it… at least a few more months of working 6 or 7 days a week… at least through October… it won’t get here fast enough… really taking it’s toll on me

I am reading – rereading to be exact… Dead until Dark … i just love these books… i have almost the whole series.. just missing the most recent book but i will have it one of these days… in the meantime, reread…

Charlaine Harris's Dead Until Dark

i just finished Edgar Sawtelle… really good book… if you haven’t read it yet, you should… just sayin’

Edgar sawtelle-cvr.jpg

I am hoping – that this pain in my eye is just pain, nothing more or nothing less… but i fear that is not to be… the next 48 hours will tell the tale…. i am also hoping that coach’s football team does well… we are getting ready to start the season and i’m hoping that they do really good… hard to tell at the beginning, at least for me

Around the house – shitty… literally… we have this problem with our holding tank.. you know, the one that holds, well, the shit… i think the heat cooked the gasket between the holding tank and the floor… so it leaks… up… now i don’t know how that is possible, but i can promise you that there is one section of floor that oozes shitty water… and stinky at that… bleh… i spend much time on my hands and knees pine sol in hand… we fixed what we thought was the problem but apparently… we were oh so wrong

A few plans for the rest of the week – plans… i don’t make plans… not really… i go to work, and then i come home… and if anything else happens, well it doesn’t… if coach is home and up for it i go get in the pool for 1/2 hour or so… we may run to the grocery store… but that about sums it up! exciting ain’t it? ha

Here’s my picture share for the day – 

my eye... cute eh?

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  12 Responses to “daybook august 11 2011”

  1. That was neat like a peep into your world.

  2. Ha! I am wearing the clothes I worked in, and fell asleep in last night…I think it is time for a shower…shhh! Don’t tell anyone.

  3. I don’t mean to laugh, and i’m not laughing AT you…..I’m laughing because you and your damn day log/day blog/day whatever is the first thing that has brought a smile to my face today. It’s been a “leaky gasket between the floor and holding tank kind of day” for me, and I needed that. Remind me to give you a big old redneck hug when I meet you. Or maybe just a tiny squeeze cause I don’t want to hurt you kind of hug…..

    • oh Wendell… you can laugh AT me or WITH me anytime you want! just so long as we all keep laughing… not enough of that in this world anymore…

      i’m sorry you’re having a leaky shit sort of day… that really blows… and i hope it gets better for you before the stuff starts coming up through your floor! cuz that’s just pretty gross… take my word for it 🙂

      and i’ll take the hugs… big or little

  4. I love it. And may be forced to also steal the idea. Thank you mega heaps. And I have all digits crossed that the shit (actual and metaphorical) leaves you alone v soon.

  5. Well…what a great idea! If you like sharing that is…and I do. And I am also interested in (nosey) what others are doing. I’m gonna join in…when I get a minute.
    I’m sorry (gag) to hear about your holding tank problem. I hope the eye pain is just that…not the dreaded optic neuritis (did I spell that right?), and my excitement for the weekend is a trip to the grocery store too.

    • i am really hoping that the dreaded ON hasn’t set in as well… i think of all the things that happen to us, losing my vision, even briefly, is one of the scariest

  6. Hi Sherri, the website above is the link – check it out.

  7. Well, I am glad you did this. It’s a great “spew it all out” isn’t it? Hope you do get tot he pool alot. The expression “shit happens” did not know about your holding tank, but it fits. So sorry about that. Well, your last few posts has sold me on PineSol. I am dancing outside, naked in the dark, under the almost full moon doing the Rain For Tax rain dance. It’s a’comin’. I find it remarkable that in spite of all that you have going on, you sit down and make beautiful art, and I mean beautiful art, Sherri.
    I don’t want to sound overly mushy but you ARE GRACE!
    I’m going to check into the Dead Until Dark Book.
    BTW – The Simple Woman’s Daybook is not a Rip Off.
    I’m coming back with the link for you to join.

    • the “Dead” books are all about vampires, fairies, and shape shifters – set in modern times…. these books are the basis of that HBO show “True Blood”… i just love the books… although they have all the necessary monsters as main characters, the stories are pretty light hearted as far as these things go… it’s more about relationships, dynamics, love, and all that other stuff…

      my folks used to call me Grace – every time i stumbled and fell or walked into a wall hahaha

      i’m glad you got the link for me… i tried finding it but didn’t have any luck!

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