Apr 202011
Outside my window – sun is setting although i cannot see it… the clouds hang low… they predict thunderstorms but i don’t believe them… they are all liars ha!
I am thinking – that although i’m hungry i need to forgo food… i have sought much too much comfort in the goodness of sugar and carbs… and it shows… ugh
I am thankful for the fact that i continue to walk… even with my funny gait… even with my tingly jumpy limbs… i continue to walk…
I am wearing – the most hideous lounge-around-the-house clothes i can find… because quite simply, they are the most comfy things to wear…. black yoga capris and a big ol tshirt of coach’s…. and of course barefeet.. the only way to go!
I am remembering – what it was like to feel good… normal… and how i took it for granted… all the times i moaned over this pithy ache or griped about that annoying headache… shit, i want that back!
I am going – to do the damn laundry… in the laundry room… $1.50 to wash $1.25 to dry… got my quarters, my smokes, and the dirty ass stinky clothes…ripe they are… i’m tellin you
I am hoping – that my MS stays rather dormant for a very long time… i don’t have faith that it will… that black cloud is beginning to hover again… and when it’s there i know something is going to happen… i have never understood my intuitive self… i just know it’s there and it’s generally right
On my mind – jobs, moving, stability, music, family, love…. prayer, God, salvation…. am i ready? am i saved? why do i have such doubt about things? all things? i sick and tired of being insecure… i really am…
From the learning room – did you know that…. shit, i forgot what i was going to learn you…. hell
Noticing that – my tangles are improving and that i have developed my own style… maybe one day when my ashes are scattered over some serene part of this world, someone will look at one of my tangles and say “oh that’s cool! where’d you get that?” and the answer? “oh, yeah, that’s a (insert unknown biz name here)!”
Pondering these words – just remain in the center watching. and then forget you are there – lao tzu
One of my favorite things – my computer…. oh the vast world it opens up to me… and the beautiful people it brings into my life
A few plans for the rest of the week – work, work… holiday! BBQ at a friend’s house… saturday, ah a restful day… sunday working the second job and then delivering Easter goodies to the grandgirls
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