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i read a story once (and i wish i could find it for you here on the interwebs) about a woman who was suffering. she was having such a hard time in life… she had lost her job, her possessions, and her husband divorced her for a younger woman. through the divorce, she spun down into a dark abyss. all she had left was a bit of money in her savings account that she had stashed away for a rainy day.

her family was spread far and wide, she was alone. she was hurting. she was in a really dark place. one day she decided she needed to get away. she had been reading some books written by Sai Baba and began to feel something inside. she was moved by what this man was writing… she was moved even more when she read about living at an ashram. she made the decision to go. alone. an adventure.

upon arriving at the ashram, she gave up what was left of her worldly possessions and bathed in the fashion dictated by Sai Baba. She dressed in the robes and garments they gave her. Sai Baba suffered many allergies and in order to live in his presence everyone must use a certain type of soap, no make up, no perfumes, and only the type of fabric that the robes were made of. this woman thought it was a very small sacrifice for the healing she looked forward to.

in the beginning, she learned her way around the ashram. she attended the meetings and prayer sessions. she learned to meditate and she learned to be quiet. learning to be quiet isn’t about not speaking… it’s about being quiet in your heart and in your mind.

the people living on the ashram were not allowed to approach Sai Baba unless invited. however, he gladly accepted notes and letters from anyone who was inclined to write to him. so that’s what she did… she sat down one night and wrote a letter to Sai Baba explaining all her suffering… she poured it all out on the piece of paper she had. one of Sai Baba’s attendants picked up the letter and assured her he would read it and that she would be receiving a reply.

several days went by with no reply. the woman was beginning to become anxious. she was forgetting to be quiet. she was crying, she was fretting… she was slipping back towards the place she was when she first arrived. she asked the attendant about her reply. the attendant simply told her to remain quiet, pray, meditate, and do her work.

finally, about a week later the woman was sitting in her room reading her book of mantras when the attendant arrived. in his hand was a beautiful piece of paper – tied with ribbon and sealed with wax. she took the letter and sat for several minutes almost afraid to open it. it smelled of nag champa – Sai Baba’s incense.

she carefully opened the letter, gently untying the ribbons and peeling back the wax seal.

once the paper was unfolded, she could not believe what he had written to her. his only response:

dance! dance! dance!

she was so disappointed…. what did that mean? is that all he had to say after she poured her soul onto that paper? it took a while… she meditated on it…she prayed… she read….

dance! dance! dance!

let go of suffering. be free.

suffering over things we cannot change is useless. it makes us angry, sad, hurtful, vengeful. let go of it all.

for me – i’m dancing… well, not literally ha! i’m doing my best to dance! dance! dance! – to be free of suffering. i choose to be happy, even with this crappy lot i’ve been dealt. choosing not to suffer over what was or will never be is pointless. this is out of my control and i have got to learn to live with it. one way or another…..

when you can’t change things, when you have no control over what’s happened – there is only one thing left to do:

dance! dance! dance!



Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. When you shared this with me a couple of months ago, it made a huge impact on me. Helped so much. I’m glad you shared it here, now more people can feel it.

    You hang in there woman, take care of you!!!!!!!

    • there are so many stories like this one that i just love… and although it can take a great deal of will-power to let go and dance, it is so worth it! i’m finally (i hope) getting back to some of my core beliefs… the things that help me be a better person and help me make it through each day. this blasted disease sort of threw me off my rails a bit

  2. Thank you. Sometimes I need that reminder.

    • i’m thinking i need a big arse sign that says dance! dance! dance! on it that i can hang somewhere in my home… a constant reminder 🙂

  3. I am just starting to get back on my spiritual feet and learning to dance to a new song. So far, on most days I just want the old music to play but I know it is not possible. I want to know how to dance again. I really do!

    • learning the new dance sometimes can be very difficult… letting go of things so that the new can move it is the hardest… i’m glad you are getting back on your spiritual feet! woot!

  4. Oh…r u going to live in an ashram….?
    Nah-lisiten to The Zep…..goin’ to California……….we can go to Cayocos!!!!!

    • ha! i love that song!

      “Spent my days with a woman unkind, Smoked my stuff and drank all my wine.
      Made up my mind to make a new start, Going To California with an aching in my heart. ”

      i thought about living on an ashram years ago… never took the leap though… as things are now, i wouldn’t go.

      dance! dance! dance! is a quote that i remind myself of often… helps me get through the toughest days 🙂

  5. Oh…r u going to live in an ashram….?
    Nah-lisiten to The Zep…..goin’ to California……….

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