Sep 072011

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  7 Responses to “craziness”

  1. My heart goes out to everyone in Texas being affected by these fires. So much devestation already. I pray that the sky opens up and gives you all some much needed rain.

  2. That’s just crazy. The seasons can’t change soon enough, though that’s no guarantee of rain, is it?

  3. Finally we saw coverage on the news here in Fla. Such devastation. Texas is having a rough time this summer – make offering to the rain gods.
    I hope you are not close enough to breathe in the smoke or be in danger – ???

  4. Aaaargh. And here in Oz, many of our fires are lit by idiots. I hope that is not the case here.

  5. You can sure tell where the forests and the cedar breaks are in that map. It’s unreal. I looked at it this morning and changed it to the smoke view. It covered a third of the state.

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