Mar 272010


today has been a tough one so far. for the first time in my 8 days of dieting, i am having some serious cravings. i long for an enchilada, beans, & rice. i so love that meal! i am trying to rationalize….one cheat meal…just one enchilada, a handful of rice, and a few bites of beans…that wouldn’t throw me so far off track would it?
logically, i know that if i were to eat this meal, i would feel bad. i would have a stomach ache. and i would feel very guilty on top of that. but i so want it! i have done so good sticking to the no carbs, no sugars thing. and it is paying off. i have had good motivation and have been excited about my progress. but for some reason, today i really, really want to cheat a little. i won’t do it. the man won’t let me. it’s good that i have him to keep me on track…if i were still living alone i would justify it to myself somehow. i would talk myself into believing that it would be okay.
i only have 35 more days to go….and i only have 32 more pounds to go. i can do this. and once i have gotten these 35 days behind me, then i can have the enchilada……
Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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