Nov 262011
  • we went to watch a 1A football playoff game last night…
  • the crowd was more interesting than the game ha!
  • burton v grainger
  • burton won
  • and burton is just outside of brenham (the place we call home)
  • this one man was all put out and huffing and sighing and yelling and slapping his head with his hands
  • such drama
  • and all the while he was showing the world how much crack he has
  • gross
  • rained last night
  • still have some leaky trouble around here… damn it all to hell!
  • but it’s getting better….
  • went to the RV place to buy some parts and found the next tin can we want…


  • and it’s really not that expensive… and it’s brand effin new!
  • next summer… that is our goal… if we can make it a few more months in this beast
  • football practice this morning with the semi-pro team… this year it’s the Central Texas Outlaws
  • typically practice is about 2 hours
  • not today
  • 4 hours…. 4 hours… in the cold, rain, wind…. 4 hours
  • finished up the drawing i’ve been working on
  • i’m not real happy with the overall thing
  • i have some watercolor pencils that i smudged on the paper
  • then i went over it with a wet sponge
  • and the paper balled up on me… it’s not watercolor paper
  • but i let it dry then inked over it
  • i like the general idea but i think i need to use different paper

  • working in the morning… OT… getting up at the butt-crack of dawn… actually, pre-dawn
Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. You might not be happy, but I sure as hell would be. I love it.

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