Nov 062010

>it’s me again…  yes, twice in the same day – get over it…

a dear friend ( i call her an angel) sent me a book…it came in the mail yesterday… perfect timing…

you see, my messy mind is in the dumps… there are so many decisions to make…forks in all my roads right now… and i need to do something..but i don’t know what… somehow i don’t think this is the right time for making decisions, but some need to be made…

i wanted to share some bits of this book with you… the following quotes all come from this book…i’m not using proper citations… i do that all week long on those blasted papers i write for school… i know it’s wrong…but my spoon count is really low…or i’m just being lazy…which ever sounds best to you…

The outcome of an event is much less significant than what I become through the experience.
Never give up – even in your darkest hour. Because your grandest adventure is just about to begin…
In every tragedy lies the chance for immense growth.
The amount of courage determines how grand our life will be.
As light dispels darkness, so does love dispel fear. Learn to love every aspect of that which you fear and you have conquered fear. If you cannot love it, at least appreciate its value, for everything has its purpose for the benefit of your growth.
We are not our body and we are not our sickness. Neither are we our lacks and misfortunes. These are merely our experiences. There is distinction and separation between the experience and the observer of the experience. We are the observer – never the experience.
Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. >i hate that it's okay to take those moments… they hurt so… but i know they are necessary…

  2. >i LOVE reading you… and so does coach… i had no choice but to follow your new blog!

  3. >great blog! and thanks for following my 'new' blog!!!aims

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