May 092012

it’s final!

congrats coach- i love you! and i’m very proud of you!

so he’ll be moving that first week of june…. and i get  have to stay here. the downside of all of this. i have to maintain my insurance. stupid friggin MS beast. so i will be here for about 6 weeks longer than coach. sad. makes me sad.

but in the grand scheme of things i guess it’s not a big deal. i mean, just over a month. not so long really. the shitty part is that he will be too far away to just drive down for the weekend. and with gas prices so high, it’s not so affordable to just drive down there on the weekends.

i think we’ve found a great park to move to. woot! we need to find a home for the horse that is nearby and then it’s pretty much good to go. oh, and i need to find a place to stay around here. coach will take the tin can with him. i’m homeless…..

this is one of those happy happy times that seems to be tinted around the edges with a bit of sadness. temporary sadness. oh well. we will make it work.

it’s been raining and raining. love it! we so needed the rain. and the cooler temps are very welcome. of course, the temps will be jumping right back up to the 90s in the next few days but i’m sure enjoying it right now ha!


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  3 Responses to “congrats to coach”

  1. Great news!!!! I know this move will be an adventure, and a good one. Looking forward to hearing more about your adventure.

  2. Woo hoo. I am so happy for you. Sad for the temporary inconveniences, but the rainbow is brighter than they are.

  3. Congrats my friends.

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