Apr 192012

i’m on my first cup o java this morning…. maybe not the best time to be typing here ha!

last night we ran out to Fry’s because they have 16GB thumb drives on sale for $10…woot! i got one… and some pens and some new ear buds for coach… he has been through i don’t know how many pairs of ear buds – i keep telling him if he’d turn down that raucous johnny cash and hank williams the little speakers would last a bit longer. he just doesn’t pay attention to me though… ha!

anyway, on the way to Fry’s we passed a street corner… and it was the perfect corner for coach… perfect…

not for him to work or anything!

on this corner was a strip shopping center with 3 whole stores in it…. Horse & Rider, National Tools, Woods Fun Center…. cowboy shit, tool shit, and motorcycle shit….

i laughed so hard! i told him this is the perfect spot for me to drop him off for a few hours while i go to the art store or where ever he doesn’t want to go… not only is this the perfect spot because of the store types, but also because he would never be able to spend any money at any of the stores….

he would be in the parking lot all conflicted…. he wouldn’t know which store to go into first…. does he buy a new file for the horses nails at the Horse & Rider store, or the tool store?…. and then i thought he’d be so excited about all the things he wants to buy that he wouldn’t be able to make the choice of where to go first…. saddles! no wait! wrenches! oh no! bridles! oh hell…. spider can ams…. holy shit… power tools!!!

haha i can imagine this big bald white guy standing in his overalls in the parking lot of this shopping center, sweating, hat in his hands as he swipes his head all confused and conflicted, unable to decide which store to hit first….

bless his heart

i love you coach 🙂

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  2 Responses to “conflicted coach”

  1. Love it. And you could also be confident that Coach would be where you left him/agreed to meet. Their should be at least one of those corners in every town.

  2. That Coach is a proud guy with broad shoulders. I know that whatever Gods plan, it will happen. Sometimes maybe not what we were expecting or looking for, but it will happen. Our prayers are with ya. Tell the Coach to remain strong!

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