Jun 182011

the power of a supervisor….

especially one that supervises unchecked….

this power can make or break the minions….

a good supervisor is one that promotes the staff…the worker bees… wants them to learn, excel, succeed… when the worker bees perform well and shine, well, in turn that supervisor shines….

basics of supervision… you don’t talk shit about your worker bees… you don’t share private information about your worker bees with other worker bees….

you don’t have one worker bee “keep an eye on” other worker bees… this behavior does nothing but create dissension in the ranks… and that halts all productivity and creates a hostile work environment… and who wants to work in this situation? not many…

the only person who appears to succeed and shine in this situation is the spying worker bee… but eventually that worker bee will be the target as well…. worker bees should always remember that if the supervisor is “confiding” in you and telling things about other worker bees, it stands to reason that the supervisor is talking about you as well…

supervisor’s should NEVER discuss medical issues about a worker bee… it is AGAINST THE LAW… even when done in the name of “compassion”…. a worker bee’s health is personal business…. and when a worker bee fills the supervisor in on personal matters, it is the supervisor’s responsibility to hold that information in confidence….

command and control…. the world does not revolve around who’s the boss of who…. work does not revolve around who’s the boss of who… regardless of title or rank….

the word control is much over-rated… and control over another human being is not glorious… it is sickening…. a person who wants to have control over another is an abuser…. a bully… and a spirit breaker…

and when the supervisor’s boss does nothing to put the supervisor in check… well, good worker bees will find other places to be productive…

you may think that the solution is to go up the proverbial chain… but that does not always work… when climbing up that chain, the worker bee would expect to find fair mediation and resolution of some sort…. instead, many times the boss snitches out the worker bee… tells the supervisor that the worker bee came to talk…

and now the worker bee is bogged down with more CONTROL… enter more hostility, more dissension… more non-productive days… more illness… more insanity…

just some thoughts I had to put out there…. I’m sure there will be more to follow….

disclaimer: these thoughts come from YEARS of experience as a worker bee AND as a supervisor…. take it for what it’s worth

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  6 Responses to “command and control”

  1. Well said Sherri. Have an awesome day! and Week for that matter.

  2. The real trouble with worker bees is that they are really only there to serve the queen bee. A true worker bees first priority should be to the hive, not the queen.

    Anyways Ms Philospher, we will be headed south in the morning….it’s my hope and prayer to get to see you and the Coach one night this week. It’s looking like Wednesday might be good for us. I will let you know later…..

    • i just sent you an email… i hope you get it…. drive safely!!

      and the hive is always the most important thing… it should always be preserved

  3. It’s a shame that there are places like that. Even places where the supervisor seems to relish having all the worker bees spying on every other worker bee. Makes for a lot of gossip.

    • yes it does… and the gossip most always turns malicious… or starts out malicious… amazes me how easily people will hurt one another…sad really

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