Jan 232012

although this has been a sad gathering over the past few days, i must say that we have all had a great time… seeing/meeting family that has come together…

why is it that we all put each other off or can’t seem to find the time to get together until someone dies? why is it that we speak of family, love family, but don’t have time to travel and gather? i think that needs to change….

i’ve had a great time meeting coach’s family… aunts, uncles, cousins… fun! we gathered at the viewing last night and visited… i heard fabulous stories of the Abendroth clan…

afterwards – coach, his brother’s family, his son, my kiddo and her family, and myself all gathered for a meal… at applebees… yum… it was a time where we could find some laughter and love each other

my sister-in-law made the casket spray in our hotel room… beautiful work! we woke up this morning to the smell of fresh flowers…

and while she was working away, a few of the men folk lounged on the bed….

the new son, nephew, and brother-in-law

i was slated to help with the flower arranging but i don’t have a great talent for it… the sister-in-law was working on one side while i was on the opposite side, mirroring what she did… except that my mirroring wasn’t, um, well…. let’s just say that my side of the spray will be the back ha!

jericka is going to sing at the funeral for us today… she’s the daughter who’s not really a daughter that sang at our wedding… today’s selections are amazing grace and how great thou art…. a capella… will be beautiful

p.s. we are staying in the same style suite with the big wooden lovely beast of a desk


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  2. The flower arrangement looks wonderful – and yeah it is way harder to do than it looks. Strange how sometimes it takes a negative to make a positive.

  3. I have been working and behind on reading blogs so I am just reading this now.

    I will not attempt to console you. I do send my love.

    (The flowers are incredible.)

  4. The spray is lovely, delicate and it’s possible to see that it was made with love. On FB you said it was a clear, good day. I’m glad it wasn’t raining. Felling the atmosphere in your room filled with family, everyone doing their own thing as the photo captured them, that’s true family. God Bless. Also Amazing Grace and How Great Thou Art are two of my favorites. Be well all of you.

    • it was really a very pretty day outside… the temperatures cooled down and the humidity cleared… all in all, a good day for a funeral. the spray turned out so nice… sister-in-law is so great at that stuff… i’ve never gotten into flower arranging and there is such an art to it!

      we are doing well… nice to be in the hotel relaxing and reflecting

  5. The casket spray looks beautiful.
    And you are right we need to see loved ones more often. We also need to tell them we love them and appreciate them. Often. And certainly before kind words are needed for a eulogy.

    • i am going to work really hard on getting family and loved ones together more often… i think it is worth the effort to travel, plan, and put together gatherings for us all to enjoy one another… and you are so right! we neglect telling each other how we love and respect and appreciate one another….

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