Aug 132012

For me, there is not much of anything that is more refreshing than a cold shower. My desire for the cold water pouring over my head & down my rubenesque physique has absolutely nothing to do with squashing my sexual heat. It has EVERYTHING to do with the fact that I live in the hottest place ever & need to regulate my body temperatures… this is no small feat when you consider a woman of my stature who is peri-menopausal. What I wouldn’t give right now to chunky-dunk in the ice cold, crystal clear, cold spring waters of the Guadalupe river… oh that just makes my mouth water thinking about it!.

Life in the tin can, although my preferred way to live, presents a few minor challenges. One of them is cold water. Our water line is basically a glorified garden hose that has been altered to provide our fresh water feed to the tin can. This glorified garden hose connects to the spigot & then lazes across the ground for about 30 feet enjoying a nice bake in the sun. If you use your imagination, you could easily see that the water is heated beyond anything comfortable for bathing… unless you are cold natured & prefer a shower so hot that your skin resembles that of a boiled lobster upon exiting the shower. The morning is obviously the best time for cold water usage. The temperature is close to body temperature, possibly a bit cooler but not much. By 10 o’clock in the A.M., the water is ready to cook lunch with – without the use of a stove burner.

In the old tin can our water heater was out of commission. I never missed it. The water coming to me was warm enough to cut grease when washing the dishes. The new tin can has a wonderful, pristine & fully-functional water heater, but I never have to even turn on the hot water at the faucet. Have you ever brushed your teeth with warm/hot water? Not so refreshing…  I prefer to have cool/cold water to mix with my minty teeth whitening toothpaste. It really enhances that cool breeze after brushing when you suck air into your mouth… you know what I mean? That minty fresh, cool feeling? LOL I sound like a flippin commercial.

So, all of this was to say that today I am running errands – groceries, horse feed, & GLORIFIED GARDEN HOSE INUSLATION INSULATION WRAP JUNK (don’t forget the duct tape Sherri). This insulation stuff won’t grant me cold water but it will keep the water to a nice just-above-luke-warm temperature. Better than hot….

Most of the day yesterday we spent at home. I have been seeing commercials for a show that I thought looked pretty good. The 2nd season was starting last night. I hate picking up a new show when the 1st season has come & gone. Lucky me! There was a marathon on all day showing all of the 1st season’s episodes. What show you might (or might not) be wondering? Hell on Wheels

I’m not one for racism, name calling, blood & guts, and etc. This show has all of that & more. But as the story progressed, the racism died down – actually it was solved somewhat with the Civil War. The blood & guts part didn’t really stop but it got a bit better after the feud with the Indians was settled. Each time someone was scalped I had to turn away. The thing that hooked me on this show was the cinematography… oh man! It is beautifully shot! The mini-dramas between the characters are sort of bleh, the main plot is slow moving, but the visual aspects make up for that.


There is a Mexican guy that comes ’round here every few weeks & washes tin cans, cars, trucks… When we first arrived in Edinburg, our tin can was covered in bug guts caused by driving through the great butterfly migration. We paid Mexican guy to wash our car, truck, & tin can. He did a very good job for very little money. He’s been ’round a few times since then & we’ve visited with him. We’ve learned about his family, his migratory work habits, his health – he’s a brittle diabetic. This weekend he came by to see me. He was out of insulin & not doing so well. He has no insurance because he’s illegal. His insulin is $110 & he’d gathered up all but $20… he asked me for the loan. Anyone who knows me can guess what I did. Yes. I gave him the $20, plus a bit more for gas and such. He’ll wash our stuff Tuesday morning for no charge to repay me. The funny thing though is this – when he stopped by to ask the favor, Coach was at work naturally. When Mexican guy came back to pick up the money yesterday, he wouldn’t take it until he talked to Coach to make sure it was okay. He was afraid I’d committed to helping him without Coach’s knowledge. Funny guy. Of course Coach was fine with it. We are both generous & like to help out where/when we can. So now Mexican guy has his insulin, he’s feeling a bit better, & he has avoided landing his brown butt in urgent care.

I think today I’m going to watch The Commitments… I LOVE the movie… the music is fantastic! And since I can’t make it to the river, I’m going to enjoy some music that gets me there in my mind… what a great way to travel! Enjoy the Texas Tornados (Doug Sahm, Augie Meyers, Freddie Fender, & Flaco Jimenez) with me… incredible Tex-Mex music… finest around, I swear!

Vaya Con Dios

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. What a wonderful, caring person you are. Some would say that you have enough on your plate, but I love that you (and Coach) are prepared to help others out.

  2. I love reading your stories! I feel as if I’m right there with you. I don’t like cold water showers — I try to keep the water tepid, so the heat won’t amp me up and set my nerves jangling. You are so sweet to give that poor man the money he needed. I’m not surprised, though. I just knew you were that kind of person.

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