Jun 012013

My morning has been busy. Much too busy for a Saturday morning. Typically, Saturday & Sunday are what I like to call my recovery days. But I have to put them on hold for a few weeks. I will manage. I know that I will have many opportunities to rest and regroup throughout the week.

Back to this morning. Coach had to be at work at 8 which means for him, 7:30. He always gets to work early so he has time to do his thing before the day gets going. You know, things like peeing and making another pot of coffee, looking through the newspaper, and such. In order for that to happen his alarm clock goes off at 5… and 5:15… and again at 5:30 when he finally shuts it off and drags his butt out of bed. I sleep through his alarm. It’s sort of a  little bitty beep beep that I don’t even hear. Probably because I’ve been up most the night tossing & turning so when I do sleep, it’s really hard deep sleep.

This morning I didn’t have to get up that dang early. I figured I would get up around 8 or so, do the laundry and get things packed up for the roadtrip. Plenty of time.

But Coach & Beulah were having NONE of that. Nope. At some point this morning I heard Coach whispering to Beulah “get up there…come on… get up there with momma”…. now, I don’t mind her being in bed with me… but she demands that I open my eyes. Demands it. She puts her cold wet nose on my eye … just gently rests it there… that’s her way of making me startle awake and flutter those eyeballs open. Once open, she gets all excited, rolls around… nudges and paws at me. And should I dare to close my eyes again, the whole process starts over again…. How in the world does she know I’m sleeping when my eyes are closed?

Needless to say, I got up long before I wanted to. I sat at my computer 1/2 sleeping, 1/2 reading. Okay, mostly sleeping. Mornings are the worst for me. I don’t get-up-n-go well at all. It takes hours to get moving. I think it was almost 10 before I left the house. I had to run to the bank and get quarters for the laundry. (I hate using the laundry room… 12 quarters per load…sheesh!)

Now the clothes are in the dryer… I’ve put some touch up blonde on my roots to cook while the clothes dry. Soon I will wash the gunk from my head and go fold clothes. Have I ever mentioned the laundry room HAS NO A/C… and when the washers & dryers get to working… shit it gets hot in there! I hate folding clothes… the hot clothes coming from the dryer coupled with the stiffling air… gawd. The beast has a party.

We leave this afternoon for leg 1 of our journey. Fist stop is Rockport. Mom & Harold need some help with a few projects. We’ll spend the night there and leave tomorrow for leg 2 of our journey, Brenham. In many ways, I like doing it this way.

Home to Rockport is 3 hours. Rockport to Brenham is 3 hours. That is much easier to manage than 6-7 hours straight driving. I like having the chance to get out, move around, SLEEP

I’m really looking forward to our “vacation”. This trip was planned prior to Dad’s blip. I’m glad he is having surgery while I’m there though. I would go crazy sitting down here 300+ miles away while he’s having his breathing apparatus removed… sitting and waiting anxiously for updates. This way worked out good. I will be there at the hospital and will know what’s happening as it happens. Much more manageable.

Okay… my head is done cooking…clothes are almost dry… time to get in gear… ugh.


Coach just called… he’s on his way home… AND he’s bringing lunch! WOOT WOOT

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  4 Responses to “Cold Nose on My Eye”

  1. 🙂 Spanky not only wakes me in the morning, but we have an on-going night time “dance” we do. For some reason, even when it is JUST me and him (no Shawn) he insists on not only sleeping on MY side of the bed, but ON me! Now he only weighs about 65lbs so I suppose it could be worse (ALL my other dogs have been 100+) but with the MS, my legs were SO bad for the first 4 years, that I would NOT be able to move them at ALL once I was down for the count….they went DEAD and stayed that way until the morning hit and I spent about 20 min. doing yoga esc. stretches IN bed. (Yea, totally did CRAWL to the potty at some point every night, but no walking) SO now that things are better and I can once again enjoy being able to turn over, readjust my sleeping position, get comfy, when Spanky pins my legs down, I find myself waking up and thinking the BAD MS is back cause I can’t move my legs. Panic sets in and I start freaking out. This happens EVERY night. I KNOW – should ban him from the bed, but he is just such an amazing dog, can’t imagine doing that:)

  2. Snap. My father used to send our German Shepherd in to get up recalcitrant children. She had a very long and very wet tongue – which she used.
    Have a safe trip, and rest whenever you can. I love that you can be there for and with your father.

  3. Have a safe trip, and I hope all goes well. Does Beulah get to travel with you, or do you get some sleep on the trip?

  4. More than once, as I read this, I burst out laughing startling my husband. You are a great writer! I hope your trip goes well and that your father recovers soonest.

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