Oct 152011

so today is coach’s birthday… he is officially, for real this time, an ol goat… not really, i just like calling him that… he likes it too (even though he might not admit to it… but he smiles every time i say it… i suppose it’s possible he’s just placating me and thinking to himself… what a bitch lol)

i had so many plans for this morning to prepare for his birthday celebration… he had to work, as do most coaches on saturday mornings… breaking down film and talking shit in the war room… i think it’s more shit talkin than film watchin that goes on…

anyway, so while he was working i was going to run some errands and get things all nice and festive at home… just to surprise him… we don’t go all out and do crazy stuff for birthdays, or Christmas either… but sometimes it’s nice to surprise someone and make a thing outta it…

so i was getting dressed after he left for work… gave him a good 30 minutes to make it to the school just to make sure he wouldn’t be calling me all broken down and junk (it’s happened twice in the past 3 weeks or so)… once i figured he had to be there and deep in manly shit talking-film watchin-football junk, i started getting myself ready to be amongst the people of the real world…(requires some effort these days)

i needed to go finish up the shopping part – gift bag, tissue paper, cake, candle, card, birthday banner… then i was going to come home and tidy up around the tin can and get it smelling all good..

but…. no….

he called….

instead of taking my time doing his birthday junk, i had to go get a trailer from u-haul… but first i had to go to the school and leave my car, take the truck…then go to u-haul… now mind you, i can’t hook up a trailer… and i can pull one forwards only… no backwards with a trailer for this sweet young thang… just doesn’t work out for me… anywho, the nice u-haul guy starts hooking up the little trailer for me… and the freakin light adapter we have is the wrong one… sheesh…

so unhook the little trailer and off i go to o’reilly’s auto parts… takes me about 20 minutes in the store to find the right adapter… 7 blade to 4 flat… yeah, i didn’t know what that meant but i found one… all by myself… and $10 freakin dollars later back to u-haul i go… up to this point just over an hour of my morning is gone…

the trailer – it was to load up coach’s baby (motorcycle) and take it to the shop for a new tire… you can’t really tell in this picture, but that back tire is flat as flat can get and it’s off the rim

get back, hook up trailer, test lights… it’s a go! paperwork and payment… and i’m off to the school… i am not about to drag the little trailer to wal-mart or anywhere else… get to the school, thank goodness for BIG parking lots that are not so crowded on saturdays… as i get out of his truck i see a dirty used condom laying on the ground… i thought about calling him to let him know that when he walks thru the parking lot to his truck, the dirty rubber by the truck isn’t mine… but i didn’t… i figured he would know… lol

finally, i had my cute little soul back and off to wal-mart i go… 2 hours gone… i get to the store and manage to buy most of what i need…but i didn’t have time to really look for banners or anything… this was supposed to be a short saturday for the coaches so i felt like i needed to hurry… got the cake… red velvet with cream cheese frosting (yum), his present (a watch), and a gift bag with tissue in it… i even found a manly bag…

i got home about 30 minutes before coach… had just enough time to write some sweet nothings in his card and get the watch into the manly bag…. he didn’t even see it sitting on the counter! i had to point it out about 3 times before he finally noticed…. sheesh

(he liked it)

so then it was time to load the bike into the trailer and take it on over to the bike shop… we use TJ Cycles here in Austin….(i don’t know why it keeps crossing out TJ Cycles…and the link is always “forbidden”… don’t they know i’m trying to promote?) great folks there… they do fantastic work for a really good price… it was going to take a couple hours so we went ahead and took the trailer back… naturally it’s saturday and they close early – dude said park it under the carport and it would be fine….we got worried – what if some idiot decided to steal the trailer? we’d have to pay for it and have no proof we left it there… so ….

we took a picture

back to the bike shop to wait for his baby to be fixed… i was shopping around and look at what i found!


with a matching helmet in minty green of course….

i think i’d be pretty darn cute on one of these babies…. don’t you? ha!

then … dinner…. ryan’s steak house… one of our favorite spots… i managed to score a buy one get one free coupon… woot! we gorged… yes… we did…

and for our viewing pleasure during dinner… here it comes… the best part of the day…

this guy comes walking by… he’s in his mid to late 20’s… and he’s a jock… wearing those super duper thin silky athletic shorts….

with nothing else under them…


bouncing junk… bounce bounce bounce… with each step he took across the eatery…

so, here we are at the end of the day and there is that red velvet cream cheese covered cake calling my name from the refrigerator….

sherri….  sherri….. ssshhhhheeeerrrrriiiiiiiiiiiii

hope you all had a great day!

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  7 Responses to “coach’s special day”

  1. Dang spell check!
    Happy BELATED birthday!
    (Sheesh, iPhones…go figure :-/)

  2. Happy bated birthday Coach!
    Glad you liked the extra present at the eatery 😉

  3. HappyBirthday Coach. See I can be super nice to coach twice , this is the nice of not pointing out age btw.

    Yes, an off center tire speaks flat tome.

    You mean everyone does not use trailoring method kmilyun101 ? Foward and if nead backwards reattach to front hitch and push. I am shocked!

    As for small geen scooter thingy as I told you before NOT!

  4. Happy birthday, coach! I was kinda looking forward to a pic of the bouncing junk myself, though the pic in my head is probably better.

  5. Happy Birthday Coach…..
    Your a sweet wife gal!

  6. And a happy birthday to Coach from here too. It sounds like the day ended really well.

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO COACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    no pics of that silk draped kid??? I’m disappointed.
    video even better.

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