Aug 032012

The Pope is on Facebook… and Twitter too. Greatness. A progressive Vatican figuring out ways to reach the new generations using the tools that the majority of the population is addicted to… what a great way to keep God in the conversation eh? I mean, currently there are all the problems of big brother (and others) removing God from daily life. For those of us who want to keep Him, well, how great is this? LOL

Today, finally, I’ve gotten ALL the laundry done. I had a container of things that hadn’t gotten washed when we moved, a packed box of dirty towels. Ew. I know. Today I am getting those all washed along with the regular day-to-day stuff that gets cleaned. I’m one of the best putter-offers I know. It took me two hours to fold 4 loads of laundry, 2 of which were only towels. I don’t do so well folding. There’s something about that action with my arms that just kills me. My back seizes up, my arms fail me, & I have to spend some time on the floor to get it all worked out. What a bitch.

So, I’ve officially lost Coach… to his mistress. His one true love. His first love. She’s such a whore too… so many men… so much money… so much power. Coach’s days are now longer, much longer. At least I will see him at games LOL

I finished reading the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night. It was really a good book. I don’t know how accurate it is, but I feel as though I’ve had a glimpse into the mind of someone living with Autism. So many of the thought processes in the book seemed very “normal” to me.. I noticed that many of those processes are similar to mine. Of course, I don’t have the smarts that most people who are autistic do. I can’t look at something and just know how much is there. I can’t do the math or logic things that were displayed in the book. More what I noticed was the observations, how he reasoned through things, or how he came to some conclusion to a problem. Those paths. That’s what I recognized. I’m sure it’s that way for most all of us, eh?

Next up on the ol reading list: Night by Elie Wiesel. I have had this book for a while just like the previous book, but have never cracked it open. Not sure why though.

That’s about all I have tonight. It’s been a tough day.

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  6 Responses to “Coach’s Mistress”

  1. The Pope only has ‘like’ and ‘subscribe,’ so I can’t ‘friend’ him. Just as well — I might get excommunicated! His own scent? Poparoma?
    I hate folding, but I did teach my husband how to do it well. He prefers, though, to just put everything on hangers. Works for me!
    I used Night in my ‘Holocaust Through Literature’ series in my classes.

  2. Urgh, I put off folding laundry and I am trying to force myself to fold the load as soon as I take it out of the dryer!!!!! My husband is gone more too. I’m pretty sure he realized I was going to struggle going back to a real job, so he took a job for more pay…with more hours. Hopefully, it won’t be like this forever. BUT I feel like I am managing really well. That’s cool that you are reading!!!!! It takes me a long time to get into a book now. Hugs sent your way!`xo

  3. Sherri—Big Daddy does the laundry at ourhouse—-Night—-is a hard book to read…let me know what you think

    • Coach was doing all of our laundry – and cooking, cleaning, errands, and everything else – when I was working. Now that I’m home I’ve been trying to do most of it… a little at a time as I can. I can’t believe how rewarding it is to do the dishes lol Things take me twice as long to get finished but at least I’m able to do some of it now.

      I figure Night is going to be difficult. Such a horrible time in history…

  4. My temporary difficulties with commenting on your site appear to have been resolved. For which I am grateful, although I would like to know what the problem was… I understand that the Pope has a signature scent which I find more than a touch disturbing.

    And I so relate to washing folding difficulties – it is the sheets which do me in. Particularly fitted sheets. I hope you have a good sleep tonight after such a busy day.

    • I don’t know what as wrong with commenting… but I’m glad you are able to leave thoughts now! I always look forward to hearing from you… I didn’t know the Pope has a scent… lol I guess it’s all about generating revenue haha Papal Mist?

      I don’t even fold sheets haha I just sort of crumple them up and shove them in the storage they live in ha

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