Nov 202010

so i don’t know if i’ve ever really mentioned it here….but coach is a powerlifter…. yeah….he wears the little outfit…i lovingly refer to it as his onesie… ha! anyhoo… here he is… he won 1st place in the world championship for his division (age/weight)    not too shabby for an ol’ goat


and since i’m sharing i may as well put this one from 2009 up here too… he’ll love me for it 🙂

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  4 Responses to “coach – showing him off a bit”

  1. >he loves this junk… it's keeping him young..and it feeds his male pride ha! and i have to admit, i'm pretty proud of him and his accomplishments… even if he looks silly in that outfit

  2. >he's somethin' huh? this is what we do between football season and soccer season… travel around so he can show off ha!

  3. >that blue drives me crazy… his fish-belly white skin sort of reflects the blue of the onsie… i've been trying to convince him to go for a more subdued color… or maybe a spray on tan

  4. >Wowzers! You have your own Arnold!!

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