Feb 202012

#000000;">on my way to work each day i have passed a woman who was homeless… she always had a yo-yo in her hand… she was always smiling….

#000000;">i would give her my loose change in the mornings…. a few times we chatted… her name was cindy… she was very well spoken, seemed to be well educated… she would ask about my job and such…

#000000;">one day last week i started seeing R.I.P. on her corner…. and i haven’t seen her in a week or more… the others on that corner have been there… but not cindy

#000000;">today i saw this….


rest in peace cindy

#000000;">her friends put this up for her… they had her yo-yo-s… they had her shoes… there were others that brought flowers… and around the base of the street sign was her ball cap and an MRE…

#000000;">i never found out if she had any family… i never found out what sort of work she did… i don’t know if she was ill or any of that…. i don’t know how she died….

#000000;">the media doesn’t print stories about the homeless dying… unless it’s a tragic gruesome story…

#000000;">her friends on the corner miss her… there were several who lived under that bridge… it’s an overpass… they have little beds in the cubby holes up top where the concrete beams meet the slope of the hill…. they’ve been there for as long as i can remember… they are a family

#000000;">i miss seeing cindy with her yo-yo’s and her smile….

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. You are cool, your pictures are cool, it is cool that you were aware of this sweet spirit. I like the yo yos. I think life is like a yo yo, up and down. My body feels like that right now a coiled up yo yo that is up and down all day. Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts, feelings and pictures with us. You are a blessing. Hope your day is fabulous in even the smallest of ways. Big squishy hugs,

    • yo-yo’s are great symbols of life… that up and down… you are so right! i hope that you start feeling better really soon… the right combination of life and medication… takes some time to get it all figured out and find what works best for you… in the meantime, well…. there are no real words of wisdom…. just hold on tightly to whatever you can…. sucky isn’t it? 🙂

  2. Sherri,
    how precious that you left memorial to her life—–now her yoyo’s on her corner take a moment to teach us about the importance of human connections. If we are awake, if we are willing, life comes in all its forms changing us and inviting us to acknowledge it. Thanks for this post—it reminds me to say hello to those I meet, to smile, to touch and to be…blessings to you

    • i was just talking with someone last night about how many folks go through life without ever acknowledging life around them… and the homeless people are truly ignored by most of the population… i don’t mean that we can all run out and help them, but to look the other way and not even speak, or turn nose up at them… that is just cruel…

      i wish i would’ve had more time to learn more about cindy…

  3. This one brought me to tears… very sad and beautiful eulogy.

  4. I am glad she was loved. I am glad she will be missed. I am glad that you took the time to see her more than a homeless person.

    • i never have much to give them and if i had more i would… i used to care loose change around in a baggie to give out… but the very least i can do is look at them, talk to them with the realization that they are life…. they are not less than… and they deserve to have contact with the rest of us

  5. Has anyone told you recently that you are a truly lovely human being? I love that you not only gave her spare change, but that you stopped and talked to her and noticed her absence. Thank you.

    • 🙂 thank you! i guess i hope that if i should ever end up in a situation like hers that others would reach out…. karma and all that … and i figure sometimes we all just need a hand up, even if that’s a smile and a conversation

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