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We are home! It was a wonderful Christmas vacation for us… it was long, but it was so fun. I enjoy spending time with my family and have missed them the past 6 months. But I have to say – it is SO GOOD to be home. Back to my routine, our routine. My own bed. My own cooking. My comfy clothes. My DVR. And quiet.

My daughter’s house is incredibly lively. They have the 3 girls who all have their activities going on during the waking hours. Perfectly normal… but after living a quiet little life for the past 4+ years, I had forgotten about how active it can be. I managed much better than I imagined I would. The beast stayed calm for the entire trip. Amazing. I did have a headache on a couple of days but not for more than a day. I did learn that too much noise is a trigger for me… I already knew this but I guess it was just more heartily confirmed for me ha!

Our grandgirls are such a blessing. They are beautiful and have such unique personalities. Coach & I pretty much just sat and watched.

Here’s a rundown of our adventure along with some photos:

Saturday 12/22 – Coach & I hit the road. We discovered that I truly am not a good passenger. I’m normally the driver and have rarely spent time in the passenger seat… so 7+ hours on the road led to a great deal of boredom and silliness on my part. Before leaving we had to buy a few tires for the long trailer we were taking with us. The purpose of the trailer was to bring back the Karmann Ghia that was given to me…

Sunday was spent at my Dad’s house. It was so good to see him and Jana. There were a lot of people there! My brother & family, step sister & husband, step brother & family, Jana’s parents, and many others. We ate good food, opened presents, visited and told tales. It was wonderful! And I acquired 2 of the coolest things ever on this day… the first is a figurine thing… a camper with lights, laundry line, and all the accoutrements needed to make the perfect white trash camper ha! The second gift was a lamp… and not just any lamp. It’s this tall stem lamp with big huge plastic red circles strung together as a shade… beautiful!!

Monday Coach & I were back at Dad’s house. My daughter and her family were away doing Christmas visits with her father’s side of the family.

Tuesday – Merry Christmas! Coach & I were on our own all day. Quiet day in my daughter’s house while they were away with her in-laws. Eventually we had to leave and find food. It took as an hour of driving around town to find the only restaurant open… Applebee’s.

Wednesday was errand day, taking care of business while my daughter and her husband were back at work.

Thursday Coach & I babysat our grandgirls. It was great fun but by the end of the day I was in complete sensory overload… bless those girls! Ha! That night we left for a mini-roadtrip to Dickinson. Coach has family there we wanted to spend some time with. His aunt, uncle, and a few cousins. Most of them I have never met so it was good for me. While visiting, there was an inordinate amount of football watching going on… I spent time walking around their backyard taking pictures….

Saturday we drove over to Austin and picked up my Karmann Ghia project car. It’s a 1970 coupe… I love those cars & have searched high & low for one for the past 20 years. After restoring an MG Midget, my goal was to restore a Ghia but no one had a car they wanted to part with… until now… and it was free! A gift! The rear axles were frozen so it took some head scratching to get it loaded onto our trailer… and a few winches. But Coach & his brother winched it on up there and she’s home with me now.

Sunday we were due to leave for home. But my daughter finagled a few more days out of us. She was scheduled off work on the 1st and wanted to spend that day with us. So we stayed…and we had one more day with Dad as well…

New Years’ Eve was spent at her home with the kids & Ryan Seacrest. We had a good time.

Tuesday we had fun playing, visiting, and just plain ol enjoying each other.

Wednesday morning we got up early and headed home. Once again, I was a bad passenger… thank goodness Coach finds me entertaining instead of annoying!

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. Dancing on the ceiling going to Brenham, and then dancing on the windshield coming back home…….
    Almost banned to the Ghia!!!!!!! Yeah Boy!!!!!

    • you would never ban me! i entertain you and i know, deep in my heart, that you would miss me incredibly if you banned me… besides, i think you’d get struck down for such treatment by all those who love me so 🙂

  2. My comments are mostly on the photos. 🙂 Awesomeness.

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