Nov 042011

well, the football season of 2011-2012 ends tonite… last game…

  • we’re playing Reagan… we’ll win
  • playoffs start next Thursday… we won’t win 🙁
  • ok, well maybe we will… but i doubt it… and i hate to think that
  • this is how it goes – Lake Travis vs. Cedar Park tonight
  • two huge power-house teams
  • we will play the loser of that game in round 1 of the District 26 4A playoffs
  • if we get Cedar Park, we play Thursday night at our home field
  • if we get Lake Travis, we play Friday night at Lake Travis
  • that would be bad
  • last time we played Lake Travis at Lake Travis, it was very uncomfortable for our kids
  • lots of racially motivated undertones to the entire game
  • their dance team even came out dressed like hood rats…
  • and they are so white… silver-spoon, drivin-daddy’s-machine, richies
  • then the LBJ bus pulls up… from the “24”
  • wow
  • so bottom line, we want Cedar Park to lose so that we stand a chance to make it to round two of the playoffs
  • we have a chance at beating Cedar Park and we have the home field advantage
  • ok enough football
  • it’s COLD! woot!!!
  • and i am embracing the return of the drunk chicken on LSD
  • you see, with the cold comes the loss of coordination
  • and my inability to walk like a normal, sane person

  • how does one handle a child that is out of control
  • let’s say you have a child who, since a very young age has been in trouble.. no matter what you do?
  • drugs, sex, and rock n roll
  • no really… drugs, sex, theft, lies
  • in and out of jail
  • in and out of rehab
  • out of control
  • what does a parent do?
  • how do you regain control of a child like that… how do you make things right, or better, or sane?
  • i’m NOT talking about my kid… she was great! really, she was
  • she only got into trouble one time – the type of trouble that made me just boil
  • that’s it… just once
  • she was really good about calling me, keeping me posted on what was going on, she was home when she was supposed to be, she went to school, she didn’t steal or lie or cheat
  • i am incredibly lucky!
  • but what do those parents do that have the opposite sort of child?
  • how do you get them to straighten up?
  • how do you go about getting their attention so that you can maybe begin to teach them some morals and ethics?
  • or do you just wring your hands, cry, yell, and be done with it?
  • because if you do, that child will end up in the big house for sure
  • if not dead
  • some children have to be disciplined beyond what the current generation thinks is good
  • some children have to be made to submit
  • some children will never submit no matter what the parent does
  • and the parents of these children are crucified by everyone
  • that is wrong
  • unless you’ve lived with a child like this, unless you’ve been driven over the brink of sanity by one of these children – you can’t possibly know what it’s like

and this is to help your friday be totally complete…


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. I do the chicken walk in summer – which sadly is coming all too fast. Winter gives me energy and more co-ordination. No wonder they can’t find a cure for the dread disease when the symptoms are so different. Have a great weekend.

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