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it is what we are here to do… life is a gift to be cherished… we should spend every breath celebrating said breath.
and when we enter the dying process, this too should be a celebration. for we have made our way through the journey and will soon be entering the next one…
family, friends, caregivers…

this is a time to celebrate

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. I haven’t taken that med. But boy do I agree with your sentiments here!
    If I could just remember then in the rough times too!

  2. As someone who is a part of watching my mom’s last stages of living I fully appreciate your post. It is so hard. It is gruelling at times. There are days when I wish it over. But this time is a precious time. You only get to do this once. I am grateful that Palliative care and Hospice are becoming known to make us feel less alone during this process.

  3. good stuff. treasure every site, scent and moment. Not morbid at all. – cremation in a cardboard box and whoever wants to – sit around and remember all the weird and funny things I did, that will keep them laughing hysterically for days. and food.
    But I do right now, while I’m still around, I worry about my little bird daughter and my cameraman after I’m gone.

  4. This is so true but seems so hard to remember, especially in the end. Great thoughts, thanks for sharing 🙂

    • it is hard to remember… as i think about my “pre-plan” and the things i would like to happen, i try to remind myself that it’s not about me at that point but about my family and friends left behind so to speak…. BUT i would like to know that they celebrate my life… not too much grieving or putting off life… they will still have so much life to live and it’s important to remember to do that…

      sorry, didn’t mean to get so morbid haha

  5. Yes we should celebrate I’m gonna have them throw a party when I go!

  6. And celebrate the little things. The light in the early morning, the sound of birds …
    Thanks for the timely reminder.

    • oh yes… be here now… observe, feel, smell, hear… all the little things around us… they are the most forgotten things…

      we, generalizing here, tend to get caught in the trap of hustle & bustle…and when that happens we miss out on so much!

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