Mar 072015

…which means its MS awareness month. Time to pull out all things orange (still don’t understand why we didn’t get a pretty color…no one looks good in orange). In Deep South Texas, there are were no MS groups. Recently, like in the past 4 months, a group has been created. We are completely independent of #NMSS and any other big box MS organization. The idea was to create a group for the people and by the people (sound familiar?). Fortunatel

y for us, but not so fortunate for him. There is a lawyer here who has MS. He filed all the paper work and handled the legal mumbo-jumbo so we are now officially a 501(c) group…. South Texas MS Council… and to

day was our first ever annual MS Walk!


I am so lucky to have my family here now! The girls are great and make everything fun. My daughter is so creative… she made face “tattoos” for us to sport. We all did orange shirts and bandanas…even the grand girls! They had a blast! I love seeing how they are becoming independent thinkers and developing their own style. Unfortunately, Coach had a baseball game and wasn’t able to come with us. I bet he would pretty studly in orange though.

Speaking of MS….

“Here she goes… Whining and complaining again…sheesh!”


Overall, I think I’ve been doing pretty well. I’ve had a few flare ups but nothing spectacular. Mostly, I htink I just haven’t fully recovered from the TN episode, near death experience, and the lack of meds for so long. My body hasn’t had a break since last August and I’m feeling pretty beat up.

I suppose I shouldn’t really complain though. I wake up most mornings feeling happy. I go to work, exhaust myself, and come home to a wonderful man. There are so many who aren’t as lucky. For instance, at the walk today… there was a family pushing a man in his chair around the 5K course. About 20 feet or so from the finish line, the man said he wanted to walk. And he did… with assistance… but he #5b9bd5; font-size: 14pt;">walked across the finish line! I don’t think the impact could have been any heavier on all of us. The grand girls begged me to go over to him… they wanted to tell him “good job”…We did. I shook his hand. He has PPMS. He looks to be about 35 or 40 maybe.

The cold. Upper Respiratory Infection. URI.

And now, to top things off, I’ve been wrestling with this damned cold for a few weeks. Just when I think I’m getting better, I wake up with dried boogers everywhere, hair embedded in my nostrils, and my eyes glued shut.

Those green bastards have once again taken up residence in my body and my broken immune system doesn’t know what to do with them. I’m not kidding. This is them! They are making themselves at home! I cough and cough, which in turn makes me pee and pee, gag and barf. I’m a burning hot mess over here.

  1. A Breathtaking Tale
  2. The Face of Trigeminal Neuralgia
  3. Exorcism of Pain
  4. A TN Update
  5. Neuropoopoo
  6. The Scream
  7. Mondays
  8. March 11, 2014
  9. Still Here
  10. Missing Time
  11. Mushy Brain
  12. On the Funhouse Experience
  13. Vanilla Girl Junk
  14. On Illness
  15. On Falling
  16. Tired
  17. MS Anniversary
  18. The Middle Way
  19. Ricky Racers and Life’s Junk
  20. Sick of Being Sick
  21. Sticker Burrs and Face Plants
  22. Asshat Parking Miser Man
  23. Update Dump
  24. A Mocha Snickerdoodle Morning
  25. Don’t Worry Be Happy
  26. I Could Go Shopping
  27. Tecfidera Day Two
  28. Thursday’s Tecfidera Journal on Friday
  29. Big Pharmaco Surprised Me
  30. Nicknames
  31. Healthcare Woes
  32. The 4th and Beyond
  33. Ugh.
  34. I’m Glad I’m Married
  35. We Have Lift Off
  36. Still Disconnected
  37. Stabbings and Electrocutions
  38. I just remembered
  39. Cold Nose on My Eye
  40. Sleeping and Walking
  41. The Big C
  42. An MRI Tale
  43. Tecfidera and Hospital Week
  44. The Recovery Weekend
  45. Morning Thoughts
  46. Cacophony
  47. Nothing Much
  48. Mercy Killing and Other Stuff
  49. Eye Ball Obstacle Course
  50. Managing
  51. It’s been a month already
  52. The Queen’s Misbehavior
  53. My Takes
  54. Jumping Through Hoops
  55. Notes Again
  56. Notes from the past few days
  57. Googled Nodes
  58. My Saturday
  59. Picking up where I left off
  60. I’m Not Sick…
  61. Putting Some Thoughts Together
  62. Dear God
  63. Writing Through the… Um…
  64. Big Brother Slaps Me Down Again
  65. Whiz Suppressant
  66. Foggy Days
  67. A Visit From Productivity
  68. Hobble, Eat, Sleep
  69. Unsettled Sherri
  70. Bob, Peppermint, and Other Stuff
  71. Food & Anatomy
  72. I Don’t Know About You….
  73. Feeling Better
  74. I’m Missing
  75. It’s a Wednesday… It is Wednesday, Right?
  76. You Can’t Open A Can
  77. Adventures of Ms. Poopy Pants
  78. Nipples and Zen
  79. The Ice Pick in My Head
  80. Pumpkinny Goodness & Izz Landers
  81. Running Through My Mind This Morning
  82. Processing the Adventure into the Great Abyss
  83. When GPS Can’t Find You
  84. Tai Chi on Clean Carpet
  85. Do you read other people’s tragedies?
  86. The Computer That Is My Mind
  87. 50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind
  88. Leaning to the Left
  89. I Want BG-12
  90. Sitting on the Floor
  91. Taking Pictures
  92. Accept What
  93. Life’s Lessons
  94. Monday Catch-Up
  95. Date Night & Sketching
  96. The World has a Soft Glow
  97. Labor Day Sketching
  98. Finding Freedom
  99. Books and Stuff
  100. Rambling on Sunday
  101. Man Junk
  102. D-Day
  103. A Speech?
  104. A Trip to Left Field
  105. The Idiots
  106. I Got a Letter
  107. MS Bitch Session
  108. Just Some Words
  109. For Rent
  110. Broken Shards of Burning Glass
  111. Golden Ponds and Sketching
  112. Bitch Slapped By MS
  113. I Don’t Know What It Is
  114. phthalocyanine blue
  115. Coach’s Mistress
  116. Daybook 8.1.12
  117. horse flies, old folks, time and space
  118. in capitis
  119. Kissing at H.E.B
  120. little pink pills
  121. past few days in pictures
  122. from friday til today
  123. selling artwork
  124. take a listen
  125. sheets and popsicles
  126. making the digital leap
  127. the queen and the troll
  128. hope
  129. greatest glory
  130. steak and potatos and MS
  131. books and camels but not books about camels
  132. we made it
  133. ugh
  134. First day
  135. the new casa
  136. i think i’m dying
  137. get your think on
  138. Involuntary Euthanasia
  139. it’s a saturday
  140. what a stove can do
  141. show n tell
  142. baubles and gems in one minute or less
  143. travel trailers and menopause
  144. congrats to coach
  145. a new site
  146. waiting time
  147. huh?
  148. the great apocolypse in my brain
  149. a small rant, photos, and a project
  150. roads and bridges
  151. ekphrasis
  152. Handicap parking
  153. why i write….
  154. the power to heal
  155. dance! dance! dance!
  156. a time capsule
  157. time after time
  158. i forgot what i wanted to write here
  159. looking for a handle
  160. doin the ChaCha
  161. i just want to be
  162. by george i think i’m getting better
  163. corrugated butt cheeks
  164. so so food and cool exports
  165. two down one to go
  166. hardware installation
  167. forgot to add the title before hitting publish… such a whack job
  168. a big heart felt welcome
  169. an abstract by accident
  170. waste mangement may end strike soon
  171. the update….
  172. the alien is living in my back me thinks
  173. stipple stipple
  174. no particular thoughts going on here
  175. inhabit your body
  176. ice and stuff
  177. is this texas or antartica?
  178. i am alive
  179. rubenesque caterpillar
  180. shot to the heart
  181. junk that’s happened since friday
  182. I so needed to read this today
  183. just bleh
  184. one good spliff
  185. love and hate
  186. to tat or not to tat
  187. just some pointless rambles
  188. a bit o drawing
  189. hacking bits o lung
  190. Christmas Eve at Starbucks
  191. artsy fartsy
  192. lists
  193. news, updates, colors, and junk
  194. wow
  195. prattling like a love-sick moonie
  196. bon bons or fatigue
  197. cracks, football, and tin cans
  198. spent the morning drawing
  199. two drawings
  200. return of the forever friend…. AGAIN
  201. football family and sleep
  202. chickens, football, and bad children
  203. it was a tuesday… that’s about it
  204. i am beat up
  205. i made it… the whole 5k with no help!
  206. time to go walk
  207. friday’s junk
  208. MS Walk Austin 2011 is 5 days away….
  209. ideas….
  210. ms walk austin 2011…. 13 more days to go
  211. this n that
  212. what i was working on
  213. nothing to say so i just let my brain dump sort of
  214. strangely absent, sort of
  215. i have the plague
  216. MS medication question
  217. One Year Ago Today
  218. where did the gumption go? it’s not around here in my house at all today
  219. i am….
  220. stole coach’s computer and here are the pictures i told you about yesterday
  221. a work in progress…
  222. heat+work+stress=ass on the floor
  223. bastard eye
  224. have you held it
  225. belief
  226. thanks stax!
  227. tremors
  228. the heat is on…
  229. gotta love those DMD’s
  230. sending up thanks, a new walk, and food
  231. it was in the cards all along
  232. who am I now?
  233. some art
  234. packages…
  235. the very briefest of recaps…
  236. mostly about MS but only for today…
  237. tangle for the morning
  238. dog hair and other stuff
  239. rambles on a fine saturday morning
  240. let the hovering begin
  241. a damn v-log
  242. i’m officially THAT woman… the crazy one…minus the cats
  243. junk…pictures… a tangle tease
  244. where do you want to go
  245. frumpiness
  246. apple’s still there
  247. thursday’s rambles
  248. i’m having contractions
  249. I Have MS
  250. forever friend
  251. a catch-up, and ear candling!
  252. alive and kicking
  253. rubber bumper pads
  254. wiped-out!
  255. give a great big welcome back to the FUNKY CHICKEN!
  256. it’s a monday…. for sure
  257. how i walk….
  258. let’s play a little catch up
  259. >going potty
  260. >a question for my fellow MSers
  261. Gonna Start on My MS Story
  262. things i thought today
  263. >i just don’t care
  264. >forks in my road
  265. i left the house today…
  266. Okay ya’ll… I’m asking now….
  267. >courage
  268. is it happening again? already?
  269. stuff that’s on my mind
  270. tuesday updates….
  271. recovery… i think that’s what this is
  272. i feel like i’ve been run over by a train
  273. Time To Suck It Up
  274. Wednesday Stuff
  275. so i got an award… must be the MS
  276. saturday rambles…. not too much to ponder on today really
  277. where are my answers? i want to know…
  278. the good news…and the not so good news
  279. my fun day at the zoo….. oh wait, i mean the rad lab
  280. happy birthday to me…
  281. My Wednesday.. such as it is
  282. advantages of my current predicament
  283. Today was a pretty good one….
  284. The Spoon Theory
  285. A Little MS Education
  286. A Letter to My Readers
  287. MS Monday
  288. i got a cane
  289. From a dear friend…. Thank you TC
  290. My New Life…. starting over with a new friend
  291. because my blog is my journal….
  292. so it’s monday….
  293. time for a ramble
  294. stopped up
  295. 2009