Oct 092011

spent my day today teaching a class for wallis pd… always nice to go to other agencies and teach… gives me a chance to network and learn about how other agencies operate… and hear some “war stories”…

the journey from austin to wallis takes me right the heart of bastrop and smithville… the site of the BIG fires… and man is it devastating.. a month later, it looks like the world caught on fire… and i guess for those who live there, it did… the trees look like blackened toothpicks pointing to the sky.. no leaves, very few branches..horrible… bastrop county has already begun the cleanup process though… they have laid out that grass netting stuff along the sides of the highways so grass will be plentiful and green soon.. burned soil is very fertile… but the trees… oh man.. those piney woods… gone… i don’t know that those trees will ever come back and green up again…

the houses and other buildings… nothing left.. piles and piles of charred material… melted tin… incredible… i was going to stop and take a few pictures because it was just unbelievable…


it was


and it just kept on raining… all the way home.. so hard and so fast… for a few hours… water was running off everywhere… there was white water rapids everywhere i looked… if the crickets had mini tubes they could have a blast ha!

made it home safe & sound then coach and i went out for BBQ… yum! don’s bbq if you are ever in the austin area, it’s worth going by there… if you like BBQ

watched a bit o college ball this evening… A&M vs Tech… coach doesn’t like the ags so Tech it was…. and one of the kids playing at Tech was a player for coach during his high school days… odd to watch the kids playing on tv with a college…

i’m watching videos on how to do calligraphy and other lettering… something else to add to the line art i’ve been doing… and i’m just about done with the “grace” drawing that was requested… i’ll put it up when i call it done…

that’s the hardest part for me… calling it done…



Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  7 Responses to “calling it done”

  1. Hi! I ran across your blog from your comment left at The Mess That Is My Mind. I like your writing style, it’s a bit poetic. 🙂 Hope you’re doing well. 🙂

  2. I have always wanted to learn to do calligraphy but I am just too impatient and make a mess.  I am 40 now.  Maybe I will try again when I have more patience.  Yah, not going to happen. 


    • i have loads of patience that has grown in my heart/mind… i figured i should put it to good use… calligraphy is definitely going to make me pull my hair out! but i just love some of the writing techniques… hopefully i will be able to do it ha

  3. ok delete the above said comment or I will have to sick the dogs on yah 🙂

  4. man here I am at the blog with the millions of ways to log in LOL one that traces me everywhere hahahahha

    Glad you got rain and all if this posted twice please delete the first one K?

    • oh rain rain rain! still raining right now! woot! of course we are under a flash flood watch and people are moaning… such is life.. hot/dry people gripe and pray… get a few inches of rain and they gripe and pray lol

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