May 032011

yes… an ostrich… that’s me… i’m so sick of hearing about certain things… and i know you are going to assume what “things” i’m referring to, but you’d be wrong…

i just get so tired of hearing the same talk, the same pity, the same victims being victimized….the pity parties, the deeds, the course of events that no one could change…. i call horseshit

everything remains the same yet everything changes… the nature of life… and the bottom line is that we are all responsible for our own lives, our own actions, our own words, our own thoughts… yes, we are shaped and molded by the people around us, the events and experiences of our lives… and if we don’t like who we’ve become or if we don’t like those around us, how we are treated, or which direction our path is going… then we must also be responsible for that….

in our lives there is but one common denominator… that is us… okay… let me reword that ….

in my life there is but one common denominator…and that is me… better…. but remember it applies to you…and you…and you….

while i cannot be responsible for the actions of others, i CAN be responsible for my reaction to the things around me, and i CAN be responsible for changing the course in my own life….

this is one more reminder to me…. lest i forget… and an effort to remind myself of the compassion i have for all living beings…. breathe, sherri, breathe….

  •  May 3, 2011
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Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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