Apr 212013

It has been a busy week. Lordy. Meetings, exercises, ball games….

Friday night Coach & I had date night which only means we went out to eat and he used his bank card to pay for it instead of me pulling mine out. And since both cards lead to the same account…

Dinner was awful! I do believe it was#008080;">#008080; text-decoration: underline;"> the worst restaurant I’ve ever been to. I’ve never been to this establishment before, and there are many of them across the country. So I don’t know if others are good or not…but I do know the one we visited and paid good money to was absolutely not worth a penny.

First of all, we walked in and were blasted with music playing louder than the likes of a night club. My brain had a hard time figuring out what to do with all the sounds. The place was packed to the gills with people, which normally I would take as a good sign as to the quality of food. So along with the music that I’m sure could be heard in Wyoming, the people added to the cacophony of noise. I can’t complain about that though. Lots of people = lots of noise.

I know that loud noises bother lots of people. There’s no way for me to explain how much worse it is when you have lesions in your brain that cause it function in abnormal ways. Loud sounds startle me. Sensory input (sounds, visuals, smells, touch) don’t process through my motherboard like they do for other people. All the data takes a swirly, very indirect path to it’s final conclusion. All of this makes sensory overload dreadful!

The hostess seated us at a table that was dirty. The dirty dishes of the previous patron had been cleared but the table had not been cleaned. There was a residual shimmer of sticky, greasy stuff all over everything… even the menus she plopped down in front of us. Our waitress came by eventually to get our drink orders and I asked if she could wipe down our table…. she did, sort of… about 1/2 the table. She left the trash there… straw wrappers and a dirty napkin. Lovely.

It took some time for me to read the sticky menu and figure out what I wanted to eat. Usually I can decide fairly quickly what sounds good to me… but with all the noise going on, my brain was really taxed trying to make sense of the noise. I didn’t care to make sense of the noise but apparently my brain couldn’t move forward until it could do something with the sounds. I finally landed on a cheeseburger with fries (creative right?), as did Coach… although he opted for the burger with mushrooms on it. We ordered mozarella sticks as an appetizer.

The sticks came and weren’t so good. That should’ve been a clue. The burgers came about 15 minutes later… and they were disgusting. The meat had the oddest flavor to it. No seasoning at all. Just gross.

We survived and we weren’t ill afterwards… thankfully! We won’t go back there again.

I worked on some photos yesterday:

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  4 Responses to “Cacophony”

  1. Sensory overload makes things difficult for me too. It is as if my brain leaves the building making even the simplest decision almost impossible. I do hope that you and Coach pointed out when paying the bill that your experience had been less than wonderful. Bah.
    Your photos on the other hand are more than wonderful. Simply stunning. All of them.

  2. Well, maybe it’s because I am Canadian, but I wouldn’t go near a place with a name like that! Of course we have a restaurant called “Smoke and Bones” here…nah, I wouldn’t go there either! Seriously though, it does tick me off if I spend hard earned money on lousy food! Your photos are terrific! I love the baby foot!!!

  3. It is so frustrating to go out for a meal and it ends up not being good. The other day my husband and I went out for dinner and each had a plate of nachos and a drink. The bill came to $46.00! The nachos were nothing special at all. Just chips, a bit of tomato and jalapeno and white cheese. It took about 45 minutes to even get to our table. We wont be going back.

  4. I’m wondering why you stayed to eat.

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