Mar 132012

ah finally….

a much better day today…. not yet 100% but then again, i will never be 100% again in my lifetime – at least not physically….

bottom line – my pain is reduced about 3/4 today from what it’s been… still there, lurking in the ass and hips but oh so much better… i can smile 🙂  the vision…eh, it is what it is… hopefully it will clear up as well… the double stuff is gone and now blurry so there is some progress there too

and the really good news here is that i can teach tomorrow! yay! i don’t have to cancel my classes. i so hate doing that… it’s such an inconvenience on the students who have signed up… the agencies who have adjusted schedules so their employees could attend… and just overall it’s a lot of prep work to pull these classes off… and since they are state and/or federally mandated classes, well, it just really sucks big you-know-what to have to cancel them.

i spent most of today reviewing the material… since these are gov’t classes it goes without saying that the curriculum and material change a lot… but at least not too often… anywho… the material for this class is new… not the content so much but the presentation format… and some new laws and procedures have been added… so i’ve been buffing up on the new stuff… gotta look like the smart cookie in front of the others ha!

this class is a 2 day job… and it’s in my hometown… and the added benefit of all that is getting to spend time with my family! dad, jana, ashley, the grandgirls, and kyle too! maybe a little trip to starbucks…. mm hmm overall will be a good time…

we are off to football practice shortly… oh… and it may come to pass that football will soon be a year round sorta gig for coach… looking at adding arena football to his list of goodies….

see ya on the flip side!

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  4 Responses to “by george i think i’m getting better”

  1. Hi honey, stopping by to check on you…I am so happy to hear that you are getting a break…I am too. I believe the weather is helping me…my feet and hands are thawing out. Anyhoo, enjoy your break. Love, hugs and prayers sent your way. Count your blessings! Even the little things!

  2. I am SO happy to hear you are feeling a little better, and can teach your class. I know that was really killing you, not being able to be there for it. Keep taking care of you!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Wonderful, wonderful news. And hearing that you will be able to spend some time with your family is the icing (and sprinkles) on the cake.

  4. This post makes me glad.

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