Feb 262012

…and i’m not so sure that’s a good thing ha

it feels like we have been on the go for so long now… i’m ready for things to settle a bit… this weekend:

  • friday night was soccer
  • saturday morning was soccer
  • satruday afternoon was football
  • sunday was work around the tin can

i did skip out on saturday morning soccer… too much in one day ya know? and football was a treat…. for a 4 o’clock game we leave the house at 1…. and normally a game is about 3 hours… not this game though… nope… it was a doozie

lots of hostility had been brewing for days before this game… these guys are all so freakin competitive (not saying that’s a bad thing but….) and many of them have played together on this team or that one…. so they’ve been talkin shit for weeks leading up to this game….

the ref’s were horrible…. absolutely beyond that too… i’m new to learning the fine intricacies of this game but even i know those ref’s were not anywhere near what they should’ve been… they didn’t deserve those cute lil black & white uniforms… no way jose

the first quarter of this football game lasted an hour… a freakin hour! holy shit… there were so many flags thrown… and they stopped the clock every 2 seconds… it was awful….

and the second quarter wasn’t much better…it was 45 minutes long….

lots of little tussles going on during the game but that’s to be expected…. lots o shit talk too… mostly from the other team at this point… we have a good group of guys who don’t instigate…but their manhood dictates that they must react… and in the first few minutes of the 4th quarter – they reacted….

all the fans had to sit on one side of the stadium… not sure why but that’s how they wanted it…. and we were on the visitors side so we weren’t near our fans…. anyhow… in the first few minutes of the 4th quarter we see a player from the other team jump up into the stands and go after some of our fans!

our players took off running across the field…. they didn’t make it… our coaches stopped them …. come to find out, the player on the other team was going after one of the coach’s wives from our team… bastards….there were meetings with the coachs and refs mid-field… and the refs finally just called the game… it stopped right there…

we won 20-10…. ha! but man, it was stressful

sometimes i have to wonder why it’s called a GAME….

Central Texas Outlaws 2012


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  8 Responses to “busy is the theme these days”

  1. well ok, would not really expect all that at this level but I have seen my share of crazy fighting at games. This is why I no longer go in person because I so do not wish to be one of those innocent bystanders that got whacked. 

  2. And that, My Dear, is why I don’t like football. It’s so violent! At least your guys won.

    •  i don’t care for the violence either… the game itself is something that i’ve grown to like since i have been learning more about the strategies, the choreography of it….

  3. I guess the refs tired the players out so they got all testy(osteroned) by the fourth quarter. A one-hour first quarter? – Geez Louise! Well, happy that after all that, your team won!

  4. Not a game by my understanding.  Hoo boy.

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