Jan 192011

>i remember dancing to this song…. oh man! loved it… heard it tonite on a commercial and had to find it…. and because i’m such a nice girl, i’m sharing it with you! does this one bring memories for you? hittin the clubs? dancing til your sweaty? i can remember in junior high school … us girls used to think that if we could dance really really good, we would lose weight and have a flat tummy… true… funny how i always thought i was chubby… and i wasn’t! maybe it was just a premonition of the chubbiness to come…. although these days i prefer to be referred to as rubenesque…. sounds better ha! (this song wasn’t from my jr. high days though… more like out of school, kid, divorced… but man it was great to go out dancing)  i used to drive to austin and hit 6th street most weekends… sometimes i miss those days….


  •  January 19, 2011
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Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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