Aug 022011

wobbly… wonky…

my whole body is light-headed…. and the high today is supposed to be at least 106…. yikes…


my phone has been acting stupid. very stupid. it refused to let me talk to people…. it refused to let me make calls. and if by chance i tricked it into letting me dial a number and call someone, it refused to let me hang up when i was done….stupid phone. it got to the point that i would have to take away it’s life force in punishment…. then it would behave for a few hours… only to repeat the same behavior once again…

i was due for a phone upgrade… a whoppin’ $75 discount… we used to get $150 discount but i guess the economy has screwed with that too…  anyway, i couldn’t find a phone for the smaller discount for less than $174.00 … okay, there were phones… but they were “certified previously owned refurbished” phones…. um, no thanks. that’s just asking for trouble…

so the sprint guy… bless his heart… we walked in and approached the check-in area… the sprint guy says “welcome to sprint… can i help you?”  i hand him my stupid phone and reply “this phone is a piece of shit and i need you to fix it or give me something else or do something”

i think he was a bit startled…. ha!

so… after 1 1/2 hours i have my stupid phone back… it was reset and given a brain transplant… they told me the android version on the phone was really old and suffering from alzheimer’s and brain farts…. so they did the transplant and now i have a new brain in my phone…

so far so good…. we’ll see… t’s only been 12 hours

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  4 Responses to “brain damaged phone”

  1. Yeah, brain reboot for my brain. I like that.
    My new phone is a $10 burn phone. I can now officially be a spy and no one can trace me via cell towers. It replaces my iPhone that I waited my whole life to get and somehow we finagled a price of $200 instead of $600 at the Verizon online store.
    SO here’s the moral: Wait your whole life for an iPhone, have it stolen shortly thereafter,only be abe to afford a new $10 pay-as-you-go phone and become humbled and know your place in the scheme of things. Keep dialing!

    • i was thinkin a brain reboot with an upgraded software package would be sweet! ha

      if it were only so easy….

      the one thing i don’t like about the iphone is that no insurance is available…so if it breaks or gets lost or stolen, well there’s no coverage… and that really stinks! have you looked on ebay? i found coach a phone on there one time when his was lost and we couldn’t afford a new one with sprint yet…

      but i guess the underlying lesson is always there…. it’s just stuff… that old attachment thing seems to creep in everywhere doesn’t it?

  2. Ha! Glad I stuck it out with the other guys 🙂 at least they gave me a better price but then again after the last week . … Brain resets LOL yeah they are a pain all the settings all the customizations that make your phone yours – have to redo them.

    To bad we can not just go into a med facility and say I need a reboot brahahahha
    new brains for me without losing all the memories etc now that would be cool.

    so is the phone working today?


    • so far today it’s working… of course i’ve had only 2 phone calls and haven’t used it for anything else… oh wait, i made one phone call… lol i need to get my ringtones and apps back… that will tell me if it’s going to work

      man, a brain reset…. “um, dr. cain… could i please upgrade now to brain v5.2?”

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