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Fortunately, getting a sense of humor doesn’t come with a price tag. It simply requires understanding that everything we experience is universal; all the humiliations and hijinks are a part of life; each and every one of us gets to slip on the banana peel. So pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and laugh about it, for crying out loud.

– Josh Korda, “Now What?”


  • There is a great mystery around here this morning. Around 5 Monday morning I went outside to smoke my cigarette and put a bit o’water on the yard. As I reached the area of the yard in which my sago palm is living, I thought something looked odd. It took me a minute to figure it out…. All the leaves/shoots/fronds on the sago are GONE! Just plain gone! They are nowhere to be found… not laying in the yard or anything. What the heck would rip off the leaves/shoots/fronds of sago??? So now in that area of the yard there is a stump of what used to be a pretty sago palm.
  • Yesterday was a recovery day. I recovered from Sunday. It’s a shame really. I didn’t do much of anything really. Decorating the classroom was simply stapling border on the bulletin boards & hanging some posters on the walls. No big deal. Except that apparently it was.
  • I’m working through The Artist’s Way. It’s a 12 week course on the spiritual path of creativity. I’m on week 1. A newbie. This is a useful book for anyone to go through I think. It has some really good ideas… and it’s a good, organized way to do some soul searching/organization. This is helping me out quite a bit in the area of figuring out what’s next.
  • Coach had a great first day of school. He’s only got 1 student right now. Pft.
  • I have a few things to get done today but nothing major. Of course, I thought the other things I had to do weren’t any big major thing either. Today, I’m dropping a pair of pants off for alterations & picking up things at the grocery store (coffee, bread, eggs, sausage, bacon, hamburger meat, ass-wipe, paper towels). See? Nothing major. No big deal. That’s all there is to it.
  • I have the coolest coffee pot I’ve ever had before! It’s brand spankin new. The older pot went to school with Coach. It as a plain jane, don’t do anything fancy coffee pot. The new one is fancier. It has auto shut off, 2 different brew settings, a delay brew setting. Oh my!
  • I looked at the REALLY fancy pots…Kuerig’s. Holy cow. Those dang things are expensive! And the little coffee refills are outrageous as well. Can the coffee that comes out of them really be that much better?
  • The internet around here was jacked up yesterday. On, off, up, down, on, off, up, down.
  • I found a set of prisma watercolor pencils on sale the other day… 24 pencils for $15. I’ve done really good at not buying anything at all extra. And I haven’t gone to THAT store (Hobby Lobby) in several weeks. Good girl!
  • I’ve finally gotten around to picking up Nothing Happens Until It Happens To You. My dad told me about this book maybe a year or so ago. He said the author’s style of writing reminded him of me… and the book is good. I agree on both points.
  • I finished up Night a few weeks ago. I haven’t said anything about the book because I don’t know what to say. There really aren’t any words that would justify it. People are evil & mean. Truly evil. It just turns my stomach when I think about what one human being can do to another… without conscious or remorse, or even a second thought. To know that mass genocide occurred and that it could happen again scares the shit out of me. I just recently found out that this book is part of a trilogy. While I enjoyed the book… okay, enjoy is not the right word because I cried the entire time I was reading it…. I don’t know about reading the other 2 books. They are well written… the story is probably one of the most important stories in history, but I just can’t stand how it makes me feel in my soul.
  • The hot foot situation is still with me. It’s getting a little less intense I think. For now. Many of you mentioned cold feet. I get that too. And in the winter months, my hands & feet get so cold that the pain is excruciating. Raynaud’s… pft. I take blood pressure medicine in the winter months to help ease it some. It works, sort of. I also buy those hand warmer things that hunters put in their gloves. Those make a huge difference.
  • I guess I don’t have to worry about winter for a while. Well, for at least as long as we are living in the valley. There really is no winter here. In January, the coldest month of the year, it’s typically 70-75 daytime, 65-69 nighttime. Brrr!
  • Time for another cuppa-joe. It’s 5:02 in the flippin AM. Blasted dog. I’ve been up for just over an hour already. I see a morning nap coming up.

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. Kuerigs: so tell me, on any given day, do you make a WHOLE pot of coffee. If so, do you drink it all, or sometimes pour some of it down the drain? My point, you probably already know. It’s simpler if you just grab a cup for out the door. Faster. Less cleanup. Yada Yada. Justifiable? Probably not for someone on a limited budget. Cost wise, it’s saved us money, and I make tea in it all the time.

    • we go through 2 pots of coffee a day around here… and if i pour any out it’s never more than 1/2 cup… i can’t believe we drink that much coffee… i do tea in the pot too… or sometimes i just do a cup of tea because i like it hot & flavored, coach doesn’t drink it so the cup thing works pretty good… i would love to have a fancy thing that does espresso AND coffee! oh my!!

  2. You did a lot, so enjoy your sleep! I think I told you that I taught ‘The Holocaust Through Literature,’ a program I pretty much made up. We studied Night, and it really got through to the kids. Don’t fool yourself — it’s not that it Might happen again — it IS happening!
    Sorry about you palm tree — giraffes, maybe?

    • I remember we had a Holocaust survivor speak to us when we were in school. And I have family that survived the Holocaust as well. (My stepfather is Jewish). It just makes me sick. And you are right… it is happening again. What’s the old saying – history repeats itself? I look around at the leaders of the world and wonder who is the next Hitler. We don’t have to look far do we? I think there are a few of them around the world. I also wonder what happened to the mindset of the people…. the 1960’s… we need to get back to that mindset. Protests, marches, rallies, anything – try to affect some change.

      I hadn’t thought of giraffes!

  3. Morning naps are good. Afternoon naps are good. All naps are good. Just as well, because I often don’t get any choice.

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