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  • #c0c0c0;">i’m reading a really good book right now. it’s one i’ve had for a long time but have never picked up to read.#358e96;">#358e96;"> tuesdays with morrie.
  • #c0c0c0;">actually, this was probably a really good time for me to read this book. funny how the timing of things can sometimes be just right.
  • #c0c0c0;">there are some wonderful insights in the book
  • #c0c0c0;">morrie is dying of ALS. the author is his student. morrie is learning to live through dying. interesting process.
  • #c0c0c0;">today has been a lazy one – of course all week has been full of lazy days. i guess that’s a good thing. today is different because coach is home and being lazy with me 🙂
  • #c0c0c0;">we are screwed on our tv programming and internet stuff here at the old folks park
  • #c0c0c0;">there is no satellite or cable offering…. and the only internet is wireless. it’s up and down, down and up… and s.l.o.w.
  • #c0c0c0;">i am doing what i can to fix that though. by the end of the month i plan to have direct tv and some dsl coming right on in to the tin can.
  • #c0c0c0;">as for tv, we have local channels only right now… and let me tell you, there ain’t much worthwhile on the boob tube these days…. we have about 40 channels that come in… and about 30 of those are in Mexico so they don’t do much for me…. coach is happy though. there is one channel that is nothing but old westerns… as i type this, wild wild west is ending and the rifleman is coming on… he’s in western drama heaven. bless his cowboy heart.
  • #c0c0c0;">i do alright without the tv part… but internet? i must have the hard line andretti style signal coming in to my home! i must! i must have it! ha!  without it i am a grumpy girl… i mean really… in this, the 21st century, is it too much to expect? i should think not!
  • #c0c0c0;">there was a pot luck luncheon today at the old folks park… we didn’t make it… we aren’t old and we didn’t make it…. ugh.
  • #c0c0c0;">i’ve been spending lots of time (too much time) trying to figure out what it is i’m supposed to be doing. what is my purpose?
  • #c0c0c0;">most of us have defined ourselves by the type of work we do. i think it’s basic human nature. when we find a career that we love and we invest ourselves in becoming the best we can at it – well, it begins to define how we view ourselves. and then when that career is gone, well… how do i go about redefining myself in a way that i feel valuable and worthwhile?
  • #c0c0c0;">not sure
  • #c0c0c0;">i applied for disability yesterday. coach went with me to the SSA office and it’s good he did. he grounds me. i tend to forget things or get them confused. sometimes just by looking at him i can confirm that what i’ve said is accurate.
  • #c0c0c0;">“they” said i will have an answer by 120 days. much faster than what the disability lawyer told me… schmuck
  • #c0c0c0;">it was pretty cool here at the SSA office. we were there for only an hour or so. the caseworker interviewed me and filled out the paperwork for me.  he was very pleasant and nice about it. he let me know that they will contact my docs to get all my records.
  • #c0c0c0;">this isn’t how i was told things would go. i’ve been told that i would have to fill out books of documents and gather all my own records and then if i screwed up even on space, i would be rejected.
  • #c0c0c0;">it was nice to have it go so smoothly.
  • #c0c0c0;">but this all just adds to me and my evaluation of the self. who am i? what am i? how did i get here? and where will i go from here?
  • #c0c0c0;">sounds pretty dumb. i know. but it’s what’s been tossing around in my head…. too bad there’s not a fine buttermilk dressing up there to help with the process
  • #c0c0c0;">the #c0c0c0;">beast is calming down some i think. after 6 days of resting. sheesh. the#c0c0c0;"> TN has been flaring up a bit but so far it hasn’t gotten out of control (thank you Lord) 
  • #c0c0c0;">there’s a camel down the road.
  • #c0c0c0;">no joke… a real live camel. i almost hit the car in front of me when i first saw it. a camel… in deep south texas. what’s that you say? a friggin camel!




Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. I got my disability on the first time didn’t need a lawyer. Having to quit the job I loved was the hardest part for me, still answer simple questions about car’s and help friends change light bulb’s in their car’s really miss fixing up car’s. Don’t miss having to get the grease out for under my finger nails.lol
    Keeping busy isn’t hard with the garden, cleaning up the house and taking care of Ben my dog he is five years old, a rescue poor guy didn’t know how to play, he’s learning fairly fast for as old as he is.

    • i sure hope it goes so smoothly for me… i haven’t heard anything yet… i am supposed to be getting some type of form in the mail to fill out and then return… so many forms!! i think i national deficit could be greatly reduced if they would get rid of some forms that are so incredibly redundant and useless!

  2. I really want to know where that camel came from and where it was going.

  3. SherrI,

    I always love reading your blogs… I can always count on you to put a smile on my face when I am feeling blue and down in the dumps… I don’t know what is going on with me lately… I had to have another MRI, but my neurologist says there isn’t any changes… However, my body is telling me something totally different… Something just isn’t right some where… I don’t know what to think… I don’t know what he is going to do next and I am almost scared what he is planning…

    A camel huh??? Interesting… They are really interesting animals… Do not make it mad, because it WILL spit at you and IT STINKS!!!! We have one here in PA at the Grand Canyon Zoo… It is really neat when the kids see one in real life for the first time EVER!!! Their little eyes get as big as saucers!!!

    Usually the SSA does deny you… Hopefully you will have a better experience than I did… They denied me the first time and I had to get a lawyer involved… As far as redefining yourself… Well, I am still trying to figure that one out and it has been since 2008… So, if that tells you anything… I find that crafting – anything I can still do – helps a bunch… Of course the internet helps as well… I have to get bifocals now because my eyes are going… I guess I am just falling apart :(.. Just kidding… All I could offer you is to find anything to keep your self busy…

    Hugs and smiles,


    • i’ve been wearing bi-focals for almost two years now… and i had to get the cheap kind with the line in them lol no progressives for me..took me a bit to get used to them but now i like them… although it’s about time for some new ones. i have one piece of advice though – absolutely positively you must do this – pick your frames out BEFORE you see the eye doctor! i didn’t do that… my eyes were all dilated and junk when it was time to pick frames… and i couldn’t see squat…. i had to rely on coach to tell me if the frames i grabbed were okay or not. and you know how that can go. men sometimes have a different definition of what looks “alright” than we do LOL

      i sure hope i don’t get denied and have to do the appeal process. but i’m pretty sure that will happen. it seems like that’s how the gov’t culls out the folks who don’t really need the benefit. i think they figure if you REALLY need it then you will do whatever it takes to get approved…. stupid really. in the meantime, beans & weenies is what’s for dinner ha

      i learned about camels spitting when i was a kid… we had gone to the houston zoo and i saw a camel spit at another kid… thankfully, i was out of range!

      something else i’ve learned… the MRI isn’t always telling… i have symptoms that don’t match up to my MRI’s… i haven’t had one done since March or so and that was the first one in a year… i hate doing those stupid tests. i domuch better just reading what my body is telling me….

      i hope you start feeling better soon!

  4. Although I have never defined myself by what I did for a living, I do understand your dilemma. I really miss working, making a contribution to the household funds, and interacting with people. It took me a while to “find” my purpose. I know this probably will sound pretty corny and maybe even a bit sexist, but my part of my purpose now, is to make hubber’s life as pleasant and easy as I can. He is the sole provider, so I make sure he has great homemade meals, a clean house and a calm environment to come home to. Then, beyond that, I indulge in many of the things that I always wished I had time for when I was working. I have time to take photos, enjoy nature, create handmade cards, do some quilting, and spend heaps of time with my granddaughter. My purpose is to enjoy and embrace life, and help others do the same.

    I know all about the TN, and I am relieved to hear that yours isn’t acting up too much. It’s a real bitch.

    Oh and BTW, I love camels, such interesting creatures. I rode them a lot when I lived in Australia. Maybe you can make friends with the owner and go for a camel trek, it’s a blast!

    • what you have described is pretty much what i have decided i’m going to do. make things good for coach, take good care of him, cook, clean, create the best home i can… and then total immersion in photography, drawing, writing… i have often said that if only i didn’t have to work! well, now i don’t. for now. so i need to just get on with it all lol

      i’m going to go snap some shots of the camel this week. he doesn’t look like an adult yet but i don’t know that positively… i don’t know too much about camels – except that they spit ha!

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