Apr 012014

A while back I ordered My MSYoga Video from Biogen… one of those free videos they mail out in an effort to make us feel better. I liken it to the boobie prize for having to take some toxic poisonous methyl ethyl bad stuff that’s supposed to help the beast within that’s slowly knocking us to the ground. Boobie prize.

Coach & I inserted the DVD the other night to give it a go. We lasted about 12 minutes. Coach recovered in about 30 minutes… I recovered by the next morning. That shit is hard!

I love it that the weather lady, Lisa Villegas, gives us hair advice each morning. She lets the women of the RGV know if it’s a hair up or down kinda day.

Summer is here.

I tried out a new eye doctor a few weeks ago. I really had no faith in the one I saw last year. She told me I had glaucoma. At first, I was scared and thinking “What the hell! What else can go wrong?” Then I settled down and started doing some research. I didn’t use the medication prescribed – no faith. I had to wait to see a new eye doctor due to insurance who dictates how many times a year I can visit the eye doctor. Anyway, this year I went to a new guy who came highly recommended by a friend. As it turns out, he spent a great deal of time at an MS Eye Research facility. I don’t have glaucoma. My optic nerve is fine… people with MS are prone to having higher ocular pressure but no glaucoma. I’m sure glad I didn’t take those meds… could’ve made no problem a big problem!

My vision has changed a bit… I have become more farsighted in the past year. Meh.

While eating at Logan’s the other night, Coach & I noticed a woman walking through the restaurant heading to her table. What was noticeable was the amount of cleavage and boob she was displaying. She runneth over.

Coach let me know I had cleavage showing. I checked… a whoppin 1/2 inch. That ain’t nothin!

There’s not much lift or separation in the ol’ hangers these days, but I’ve got cleavage to the belly button!

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. The eye thing is a very sucky one. Twice now I have gone blind temporarily. Thanks MS, I really needed that.
    My living bra has died, and my cups runneth over – but not in public.

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