Dec 062011

i suppose the theory goes that the more you do an activity the better you get at it…

i’ve been practicing ha!

whether it be reading, writing, mathematical equations, art… or just plain ol walking.

in theory

in a normal body (what is the definition of normal anyway), exercise is difficult in the beginning… it takes time to build up endurance and strength… but what about in a compromised body… like mine?

people are always offering me well-intentioned advice…

“you should walk more”

“you should exercise”

“you should….(fill in the blank)”

but here’s the rub… when i walk for exercise, the further the distance, the more my body rebels… the muscles ball all up… literally… the pain begins, and then the muscle fatigue slaps me to the ground… and then it takes a full day, sometimes two, before i’m back to my lovely self

we all know this…

what i wonder is this… if i push myself and do a true walking program, increasing in increments my distance over time, does the fatigue get better? do the muscles last longer before balling up? does recovery time decrease?

i don’t know how that could be… with MS… how can that work?

i agree that i need to walk, i need to exercise… but man, the price is so high… who can afford the 1-2 day recovery time after walking? not i… i am still working… i have financial commitments that iĀ  must keep.. and as long as i don’t push my limits and continue the routine i have established, i’m able to keep those commitments

today i walked from my office to subway and back… briskly… by the time i finished the first leg of my journey, my legs began balling up and started hurting… and i had no choice but to walk the second leg of the journey back to the office… either that or sit at subway til they kick me out or someone comes looking for me ha! but then i run the risk of being on the news as a subway sandwich shop stalker… or a silver alert… or a mass-woman hunt… or just a loitering crazy woman who won’t leave… hey at least there’s a potty and food

(round trip was just over a mile)

i made it… but i’m paying for it…

i could always sit on my ass and not exercise and have energy without cramps! feed me bon-bons and other delectable foods… ooo i like the sound of that


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. I want so badly to do some sort of exercise. I’m heading back to water aerobics shortly.

    • i would love to try some water aerobics but haven’t been able to find anything around here… well, not anything that fits in with my work schedule… bleh be sure to let me know how the water aerobics goes…

  2. Oh Sherry… I’m so sorry! I was going to send you some info to help with the pain. Please resend address. šŸ˜® And I REALLY HOPE YOU FIND SOME RELIEF!

  3. i do work out but not so much that i feel as if i won’t recover.

  4. hey, did u do something different with ur blog? all of a sudden i’m getting updates again – which is good, now i can read ur posts as u publish as opposed to looking at the blog and playing catch up. I used to wonder if i should push myself too and then just suffer thru the result of pushing and the recovery. I decided it wasn’t worth it!

    • hmm, nope, i didn’t do anything different with feeds or Google Friend Connect up there… but i think there were some issues on their side of things… i noticed that feedburner was sort of glitchy for a while and Google is making so many changes that things are sort of up in the air much of the time LOL

      i try to go as much as i can without pushing limits that i already know about.. i figure so long as i’m doing and not sitting… and as long as i don’t push to the point of fatigue then i am good to keep working and enjoying life šŸ™‚

  5. Do you take anything for spasticity? That sounds like what’s happening; your muscles are seizing up. Have you tried Gentle Yoga?
    Ah hell, you lead a very busy life. Just try standing around while eating those Bon-bons.

    • oh webster, i like the standing while eating bon-bons hahaha

      i took tzanidine for a while with no help…then they put me on baclofen…i quit taking it though because it was causing my bladder to be much too relaxed, if you know what i mean! eek!

      so now i just deal with the spasticity…. i’ve gotten signed up for a yoga class that starts sometime in January… pretty cool… the instructor has MS and she works at one of the local hospitals as an advocate for MS folks…instead of the usual price of $40 per class…she charges only $25 a month…now that i can afford! i’m looking forward to trying it….

  6. I try to keep as active as possible, but there is a price to be paid for that. One hour on my feet = many hours off, and in pain. Pacing and prioritizing is so important! You are working full time, so I would say that you are getting your exercise! Sit down, relax and have a bob bon or two!

    • sounds much like me karen… i sit at my desk for 1/2 hour, get up and pace around and stretch my legs out…then it’s back to the desk again…

      on the days i do safety audits, i am walking for hours and hours and man, that stinks! but it’s part of the job and i’m stubborn enough to keep plugging along….

  7. I’m for setting around eating Bon Bons. Exercise is for healthy people.

  8. Hi Sherri
    Ahh the catch-22, ditto here:
    When I walked every day for six hours a day for nearly three weeks in Spain, there’s no doubt I improved, but – the big buttttt! – back in regular life, it’s not, of course, actually feasible to spend six hours out of every day walking plus the recovery time.
    Still, ever vigilant just in case one day y’know that dream job turns up that wants a person to walk six hours a day super slow with a zillion stops, I’m so in!!
    much cheer

    • Ha! I can so relate to that job with loads of walking….I do safety audits at very large school campuses…lots o’ walking…usually the fire marshal is with me…took a bit but he’s used to the cane and frequent stops…if I can sit for 15 minutes and work the muscles out I can go a bit longer…

      Spain!? Wow! I would absolutely LOVE to visit Spain (envy dripping off me right now)

  9. I swim when I can. I can only manage a kilometre at the moment (was up to a mile about a year ago), but it is a start. If I go regularly it doesn’t seem to get any easier, but if I miss out for a while I know about it. And mostly I can go to the pool hurting and get a few hours (sometimes more) without the pain afterwards. Walking, hmmm. Sometimes it helps. And sometimes as you say the pain and the fatigue gang up on me. Which p….es me off.

    • I started swimming some in the summer…but it got hot for so long that the water was REALLY warm…swimming in warm water was awful and caused a whole other set of problems LOL. Hopefully one day I will fin the right brand of exercise that benefits without causing problems

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