Mar 292010

i’ve lost 9 pounds in 9 days. success! i only hope to have the same success in the weeks to come.

on the hcg diet, there is a daily dose of the hcg hormone. this helps to mobilize the adipose fat that has been stored so that it can be burned. your body learns to burn this fat, and you lose weight. in addition to the hormone dose, it is recommended that the dieter follow a 500 calorie per day diet. i tried this but it didn’t go so well for me. so my solution was to do a sort of atkins diet with the hcg. the combination is working out well. i keep my calorie intake at around 1000 calories, i eliminate almost all carbs and no sugar.

my modification of the diet is effective. i was worried that it wouldn’t be. and after spending the money to buy the hcg, i really didn’t want to fail.

the first few days were hard. i felt horrible. but once i got used to not having carbs and sugars, i began to feel better. and now i feel better than i did before the diet. physically i have more energy, i am more alert…even upon waking in the morning (and this is major since i have fog in the noggin for a few hours in the mornings), and emotionally i feel better. i feel more centered.

all of these things are great motivation to stick with this plan. and the weight loss is almost like an added bonus.

i find that i have to change the way i think of food. i enjoy eating….obviously…or i wouldn’t be in this situation! ha  but i have to seriously start thinking about food as fuel. not as a pleasure but as needed fuel for my body. once i can accomplish that, i will be able to lose and maintain my weight….wish me luck!

  •  March 29, 2010
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