Nov 272012

-Today has been a pretty nothing day…. so far anyway. I guess it could turn into something more productive… it’s only noon-thirty.

-Last night I went outside to drain our black water tank… that’s the tank that holds the gross stuff (I won’t get descriptive). There is a T-handle that you pull out and it opens the flapper to let the gross stuff flow down the septic line and into the waste management system of the city. So, last night I tugged on the T-handle and it came all the way out! Right out of the side of the trailer and into my hands. Shit. Literally. Well, actually, no shit. It came unscrewed from the flapper so nothing happened.

-So this morning was spent on the phone trying to get warranty service approved for a mobile repair guy to come out and fix things up for me. You see, I couldn’t get to the flapper because the underbelly of the trailer has this aesthetic cover. I was afraid of causing more damage, like to the LP gas line that runs through the same area. Stupid really…. the dang thing just needed to be screwed back together. Anyway, I found a really nice guy, Matt Curry with Rover RV Repair (courtesy plug) and he came out, fixed things up, gave me a few pointers, and charged me very little money for the work. He did us a huge favor by making a trap door like thing in the underbelly cover so we can access the flappers without any trouble. Thank you!!

-Now I’ll send the bill to the warranty folks and wait for reimbursement. After the repair was done, we visited for a few minutes. He was telling me of a family member who was just diagnosed with ALS… awful. He also told me he has a family member with MS…she’s in her 60’s now and just started using a wheelchair. He said it has been hard for the family all these years watching her deteriorate, and now ALS has entered their lives.

-He told me another story about a repair job that has him scared. A while back he was called out to fix a plumbing/black water issue. He removed the underbelly cover thing and lots of old, moldy, and really funky black water/septic stuff spilled out all over his face. Yuck!! He has been worried about his health ever since. I told him he should invest in some hazmat gear… really. I can only begin to imagine the thousands of organisms living in the black water tanks.

-I think my cold is a bit better today… still stuffy and coughing but not as much pressure in my noggin as yesterday. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. The temps yesterday were in the mid/high 80’s. Now today we are sitting at 70. Mother Nature is really not helping me out here. Some consistency would be appreciated about now. Hot or Cold. Either way (preferably on the cooler side).

-It’s time for some lunch… I’m going to cook some beef strips up, melt some cheese on top and put a smidge of ranch dressing on the side for dipping purposes.

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  4 Responses to “Black Water Woes”

  1. Feel better soon. Thank goodness for the fixer guy.

  2. Buy a powerball ticket. After today’s adventures, I bet you will win!

  3. Colds take two weeks to get over with medication, and 14 days without. At least that’s been my experience.

    Black water = OMGYuck. And I’m sorry for the world of hurt your repairman’s family must be facing. Hope you get reimbursed quickly.

  4. I have a cold too. meh I slept until 1:30 today.

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