Aug 072012
  • MS is kicking my ass
  • I try not to complain though
  • I slept today for a lot. I woke up with Coach like usual, drank about 4 cups of coffee, ate my cereal, sent him off to work. I started reading the news & doing the usual morning routine when all of the sudden… I woke up. Yep. I fell asleep sitting upright at the table. Guess that was my not so subtle clue that I needed more sleep
  • I think it was around 9ish when I went to bed. I woke up when someone started knocking on the door. I have no idea how long the knocking had been going on. I rolled out of bed, looked at the clock… flippin 12:45… sheesh.
  • 3 more cups of coffee
  • I finished reading the news & headed to the shower. I figured if I took a shower & had some lunch maybe that would help. Pft.
  • My shower was 30 minutes long. I had to turn the water off & take a seat right there in the shower. Now, if you remember, we live in a tin can. The shower ain’t so big. It was fairly easy getting down to the sitting position… how I got up I cannot tell you. Somehow I managed though.
  • I started working on a sketch yesterday. I finally got it painted in tonight. In fact, I just finished it up. Coach is home now so I will scan it in tomorrow.
  • Right now, I’ll throw dinner on the plates, warm it up, and then it’ll be off to bed. I sure hope that tomorrow is better. I hate feeling this way… fatigued, dizzy, confused. I really hate it.

Progress is being made….

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  11 Responses to “Bitch Slapped By MS”

  1. I meant poof not puff LOL

  2. I’m so sorry that you’re getting your arse whooped by the demon. Tomorrow will be better, I promise, and hey….if you need help getting out of that shower, just holler! ;-))

  3. I so understand. I have all this stuff that I want to do and then puff energys gone.

  4. Exaustipated. Too tired to give a sh_t. And yes, MS fatigue is still one of the worst symptoms for me. Get up, have a rest. Take a shower. Have a rest. Dry myself. Have a rest. Get dressed. Have a BIG rest. Sucky, sucky, sucky.
    I really hope the beast leaves you alone for a bit.
    Hugs from afar.

    • exaustipated! i love it! i remember now reading that over on your blog… what a great word!

      i love napping… i just hate napping for hours & hours. seems like a waste of perfectly good time, ya’ know? i mean, since our days are numbered, i really would like to be awake and enjoy them LOL

  5. your humor in spite of having to deal with chronic illness continues to inspire me….

    • lol thanks pam! i gotta keep laughing to prevent causing the great flood of tears. it’s so much better to find the twisted humor in it all.

  6. Oh Sherri, I don’t know what to say. I wish you could get some home support to help you. Do you have shower chair? Now I am worried about you. And please complain. MS is a mean bitch. xo

    • when coach got home last night & i told him about what happened, he said the same thing. so i suppose this weekend when he has some time to go with me, we’ll go find a little shower chair. get me a cup holder and i would just stay in there enjoying the cool water raining down on me! sounds like the perfect solution to alot of problems LOL

      although i don’t have any home support, i do keep my phone very near me at all times. i’ve worried quite a bit that i would fall or something else would happen while coach is working. he doesn’t have his phone on the field with him. i figure if i can’t get up or if i get hurt i’ll just call 9-1-1 for help.

  7. ((hugs)) so understood
    Stay inspired!

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