Jul 232013

As you know, my doctor prescribed Tecfidera for me about a month or so ago and my insurance denied coverage both initially and on appeal. I was quite discouraged.

Until today.

I got a call from a pharmacy service associated with MS Active Source. They let me know that I have qualified for their patient assistance program! 12 months of free Tecfidera! I don’t know why I’m so excited… it’s just another little toxic pill that I will ingest twice a day in the hopes of exerting some sort of control over the beast’s progression. But I am excited. I haven’t been on any DMD since March 2012. I’m very lucky… my MS really hasn’t progressed much at all. Phew! My first shipment arrives tomorrow afternoon… first dose will be Thursday morning.

In other news….

There’s really not any other news.

I continue working on my big exercise at work. The date has been pushed back a month. In many ways that is a good thing… gives me more time to work on it, get the planning more solid, and of course it’s also that much more time to feel anxiety creeping around my ankles. I have my fingers crossed that it all goes well. I feel as though this exercise is a sort of test of my abilities in this job. I know it’s not but it feels that way. It’s almost as if everything will be official and I’ll be accepted as an EMC once the exercise is a success. I am so foolish sometimes.

I’ve been drawing some lately…



This one was for a  friend who was attacked by a bad ass copperhead a while back. She wants to get a tattoo and asked if I could draw something for her. I did a few different versions… She prefers simple designs so at her request….

copperhead 1

They are horrible images… I took pictures with my cell phone. I was too lazy to drag out the scanner. Maybe this weekend I will do that… I really should.

This is just a doodle I did for myself one day when I had a horrible headache… meditation… focus… and a few naproxen – just what a headache need. Once again, horrible image…… my lazy ass.

bead string

And once again with the cell phone… a self portrait. Okay well, a portrait of my eyeball ha!


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  5 Responses to “Big Pharmaco Surprised Me”

  1. Thank you for posting this. I was in same situation with denial and appeal.
    I contacted Biogen directly about the program. initially they could not locate it but ended up finding the program and I qualified. Waiting for shipment.
    I would have just continued without a DMD if you did not write about it.. I don’t think I would have received that call. Thanks again.

    • I am so happy you got hold of Biogen! I didn’t know about the freebie program either. I was lucky that my specialty pharmacy knew of it and enrolled me…it was a complete shock when I got the phone call.

      I hope you have good luck with Tecfidera…..it’s been good to me thankfully. Otherwise, I was prepared to continue with no DMDs

  2. How nice of Big Pharma to gift you a one year supply of Tecfidera. I hope it does you good. Your artwork, as usual, impresses.

  3. I’m glad you qualified for the medication, I hope it will help you.
    Love the tangly stuff… even the ones you don’t like.
    I find that I rarely LOVE the stuff I draw, but that other people have a different perspective. 🙂

  4. Excellent that you are getting access to Tecfidera. Let us know how it goes.
    And I love your drawings – and your eye…

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