Dec 112012

Man, I just noticed it’s been 5 days since I’ve been here. Sheesh… I’m quite the slacker these days!

I continue to live in this foggy haze… I’m ready for a good wind to come blow out the fog. It’s getting pretty old. I have a moments of clarity but mostly just in this dull, listless state of mind. I don’t like it at all.

What have I been doing for the past 5 days? Let’s see… Saturday I took pictures of 2 different families for their Christmas cards. I had a good time and they both seem to like the pictures. Win-Win. Sunday was spent editing pictures and applying the requested effects to the photos. I finished one set Sunday and got it delivered. I also have a request for photos to be given as Christmas gifts at a party next week… I met with the gift giver Sunday evening so she could pick out which photos she wants.

Here are the galleries if you are interested in looking….

[album id=7 template=extend]

I slept away ½ of Monday and planned to finish editing the photos for the 2nd family… but I made the mistake of checking the mail first. The blasted Social Security boobs denied my appeal for disability. Bastards. I spent the evening on the phone with family updating everyone. I have a huge decision to make. Do we continue to drown financially and wait for the appeal hearing, or do I suck it up, find a job & do the best I can? This is all so shitty. All my doctors and everyone in my world thinks I should be on disability, but Big Brother thinks not. Speaking with the lawyer today, naturally, I should file for the appeal hearing and stick it out. Looking at my bank balance, that’s easier said than done. It could take up to 6 stinkin months to get a hearing date with a judge. This system… sheesh. The lawyer continues to tell me that I have a very strong case and I wouldn’t have been taken as a client if we wouldn’t win. That makes sense to me because they don’t get paid unless my disability gets approved. So, I don’t know.

I just don’t know.

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  6 Responses to “Big Brother Slaps Me Down Again”

  1. I feel for you Sherri. I do know what you’re up against.
    I’ve been fighting the same thing over here in the UK. I am recovering from bowel & lung cancer. I have been told by the surgeons and my GP that I am not going to get any better than I am now. But I can get no financial help from the government at all. I have worked all my life and paid into the system – then I hit 50 and cancer hit me. Now I can’t work but get no help.
    When I came out of hospital for the second time I decided to start drawing & painting again. It was something I could do at home and made me feel less useless. Looking through your sketchbook page I see you have a great talent. Keep up with that and keep up the fight!

  2. Stay the course. You aren’t just fighting for a check, you’re fighting for better medical insurance.

  3. What does Coach think. My vote would be to Appeal – or the bastards have won. And yes, Olivia has a point. You are a supremely talented artist AND photographer.

  4. Sherri, these days it’s par for the course to be denied on the first go. It sucks, but that’s how they buy time.

    I would suggest that you see if you can find a part-time job that will earn you NO MORE than what is now SGA ($1040 in 2013). Actually, I would err on the side of caution and try to stay way less than that magic number, AND, I would run this past your lawyer to boot, just to make sure it won’t jeopardize your case.

    Poverty is no fun. It saps … everything.

    Be well.

  5. Stick with the fight. So sorry that you have to go through this shit, but EVERYONE is a suspect anymore. It’s ridiculous.
    Nice photos, you are very talented. 🙂

  6. Pray….is there anyway your photography and art could supplement??? Maybe Etsy??? Just a thought, but you are so talented. Possibly putting energy toward your art…the systems is so broke sugar, I know its tough, hang in there. Sending you love and light!!!! xoxox

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