Apr 112012
  • i have finally figured it out!
  • i’m not fat
  • i’m not obese
  • i’m not rubenesque
  • i am 1xM!
  • that would be extra medium! haha
  • i like it
  • today was the funeral for Officer Padron… it was the largest funeral procession i have ever seen – the #459498" target="_blank">statesman newspaper has about 170 images of the procession … got check it out if you’re interested
  • one guy said he and his wife were on the side of the highway for Lady Bird Johnson’s funeral procession and it was smaller that this one
  • traffic was about 45 minutes behind the normal schedule….and there were some folks that were upset about that….
  • you know, the very people who were complaining about the traffic today are the same ones who will be calling on their local LEO to come help them when they find themselves in some sort of jam…. the people who were complaining about all the pomp and circumstance for an officer but not for the victims of an officer involved shooting – those that are anti-police – they too will be the very ones calling for police help when they are a victim
  • on a brighter note, it was absolutely amazing to see the numbers of folks standing on the sides of all the highways waving flags, saluting, and saying a prayer as the procession passed them by
  • i’ve had a blasted summer cold… i certainly hate these things… just miserable… no doubt.. i think maybe… maybe… i’m on the upswing… i hope
  • so that zimmerman cat has been charged with 2nd degree murder…glad they waited and fully investigated and found the evidence enabling them to make a solid charge instead of succumbing to public pressure to act before they were ready
  • i’ve not made any judgements either way…. i don’t know anything about the case except what the media has put out there and that is very biased and probably not very accurate…. i will enjoy watching the trial on this one though…. as for just personal opinion – neighborhood watch folks shouldn’t be carrying firearms and they certainly shouldn’t be making contact with people they are suspicious of… they are simply extra eyes out there watching and calling for law enforcement when needed…. as to whether or not it was self defense? i have no idea…. the question for me remains – why was he carrying a gun while out on neighborhood watch patrol?
  • speaking of cats…. i just don’t understand why, after all these years, they just won’t give this cat a second chance… i mean, come on guys…. surely he’s been reborn and has changed his ways.. but then again, he did supposedly tell his prison psychologist that he’s a very dangerous man….

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  • coach’s interview went really really well the other day…. we should hear something by tomorrow or friday
  • man o man
  • makes my tummy flip a bit to think about him maybe getting an offer… he soooo deserves it! he is such a great coach… really… he is really good at what he does
  • i put most of the game pictures on that rogue, hated by some social media site – facebook….
  • a guy made a comment on one of the photos of coach that says it all:
  •  he gets those type of compliments often…. makes me proud
  • i sure hate that summer is here…. truly…. hate…. strong word but oh so true
  • i drew the worst hippo ever in the history of drawing today…. truly…
  • i’m thinkin i’m done here now… unless i come up with some quite witty and fun before i fall asleep
  • if i do, i’m sure i will be back to share the certain-to-be fantastic insights with you all!

peace out homie!

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. great way to look at life, hope coach gets the it. He sounds like a great coach, have had a few like him in my life. Enjoy the day:)

  2. So glad that Coach did well. Everything crossed for you.

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