Sep 222010

… you will have to suffer through this. this is my journal of the day and so i come here to document what is going on with me, at least how my blog started out. then i acquired readers (don’t understand that at all!) and i’m grateful. but today i have to do this….


i am simply going to document some things that i need to keep track of. i need to get it all out of my mind and written down somewhere so that i can quit focusing on all of it so much. i don’t want advice or sympathy or what ifs…. if you have ideas, fabulous! but i truly am not looking for anything out of this.

my list of symptoms:

  • falling down
  • legs and arms feeling heavy, warm, tingly sort of
  • super sensitive skin… air blowing across them is irritating…no pain
  • marching in place
  • once i start walking, i take 3 or more quick short steps then a few long ones, then maybe 3 or more short quick ones again
  • my feet don’t always go where i want them to go, tend to want to cross over
  • posture is leaning forward a bit
  • shuffling when i walk
  • the TMD thing
  • dropping things
  • unable to control a pen in my hand when writing, feels very fumbly
  • decreased strength
  • dizziness occasionally
  • increased shakiness in arms and legs, almost tremors
  • ok, tremors in my right hand…noticed myself uncontrollably tapping today. had to grab the hand to make it stop
  • goosebumps, random. maybe in 1/2 my head, up one side of my back. down the back of one thigh…no cause & very random
  • pins & needles feeling across my forehead, down my left forearm and into my fingertips… lasts about 30 minutes, and very intermittent
  • more tremors today
  • no pain anywhere, thank goodness
  • no rash, bumps, streaking, whelps, or any other visible marks on my body anywhere…
  • no fever
  • don’t feel sick, haven’t been sick
  • appetite is normal

and document more

all of these things started happening to me on saturday… it started with the marching… then the next day it got a bit worse and i started dropping things… now by today i have this complete list of things going on… so whatever this is, it’s progressive.

there it is…my list. i have to document it lest i forget. so far i haven’t had any confusion or forgetfulness…but i’m afraid that may be coming. and if there really does turn out to be something, then i want to have it written down … how it started, when it started…what was happening…

ok, so i have my doctor’s appointment in the morning. hopefully, he can answer some questions or give me a referral to someone who can…. i must admit, i am a bit anxious. i will deal with whatever it is…i am up for handling it. just please Lord, let me keep my mind intact… that’s the most important thing to me.

and document more

poor Coach. he didn’t sign up for all this….

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  9 Responses to “because my blog is my journal….”

  1. Oh my goodness, Sherri! That’s scary! I’ll be praying and hoping for some quick and reassuring answers! Make sure you take your whole list to your doctor!

  2. Good luck… I will be thinking about you tomorrow. It is best not to try and figure out what it is… there are many possibilities some of them minor some of them are probably pretty scary… but whatever it is you have your coach to weather it with you…

    • ha! i have decided that webMD may not be my friend after all…it’s like one big scary monster hiding under my bed

      • I had a doctor tell me once… DON’T LOOK AT THE INTERNET… it won’t do you any good and it’ll probably scare you half to death… I took that advice and anytime I have issues I try to just take a wait and see attitude. It can be difficult… but it is worth it.

  3. Bless your heart. I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow and I wish you the very best. I pray that the doctor will be able to diagnosis you correctly or refer you to someone else.

  4. Oh my gosh. How scary! Hopefully the doctor will have some answers for you!

    • I hope so too! I’m a bit anxious – mostly because Parkinson’s runs in my family… but I’m too young for that, right? Right. It’s not that. I’m hoping for neuropathy… if I get my choices of diagnosis, that’s what I’m choosing LOL

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